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Random Stuff: 5/28/2018 edition

Time to highlight a couple of LGBT-themed advertisements that have been released this spring.  Well, they’re lesbian-themed advertisements if you must be specific, but I imagine others in the LGBT+ spectrum might find something they’ll relate to in these ads.  The first was released last month in Great Britain for Malteasers, a malted-milk-covered-in-chocolate candy (think Whoppers, my fellow Americans).  The Malteasers ad I’ll highlight here features a quartet of women at some café or break area or whatever.  One of the four, whose name is Sarah… well, I’ll let her tell her concern.

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Allison’s #TryPod: Two shows that really make me laugh

Time to add a few more recommendations to my currently ongoing list of podcast recommendations.  When I last added to this topic on Saturday, I lumped together a few podcasts that incorporate some sort of quiz or game with their humor.  This time around, I’m doing the “lumping shows together” thing again, but no games here.  Instead, it’s all humor as one is a standup show and the other incorporates standup-style humor.  Both shows really want to make me laugh out loud… though not laugh too much out loud as, well, I don’t want my neighbors at work to give me strange looks over cubicle walls. Continue reading

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Random stuff: SNL’s Hallmark Christmas parody

Two days ago, I took a stab at writing, or at least sketching out, my own Hallmark Channel Christmas movie.  Yes, they’re the kind of movies that feature the same things and themes every time out:  Cute girl (played by a “Hey, I know her from somewhere” actress) falls head over heels for handsome man (played by a “Hey, I know him from somewhere” actor).  They find that magical Christmas spirit together.  And they’re films that are all shot on the same Canadian studio lot that doubles for Anytown, U.S.A. and feature ample amounts of saccharin-sweet goodness.

As you may have judged from my own attempt, Hallmark Channel’s long, long list of identical/interchangeable Christmas movies are ripe for the parody… preferably not by this amateur but by skilled people who can do effective satirical parodies on a routine basis.  Well, lo and behold, the people at Saturday Night Live took that ball and ran with it on Thursday.  Or, to be more precise, a couple of weeks ago.

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Allison presents “Yet Another Hallmark Christmas Movie”

I don’t need to remind you that this is the holiday season, though I should remind you that it’s only 5 days until Christmas Day as I write this (better get that shopping done très rapide).  This is the season chock full of traditions that normal people never get tired of:  There’s the tree.  The ornaments.  The decorations.  The greeting cards to send out.  The shopping for presents.  The carols and carolers.  The ugly sweaters.  And candy canes, sugar plums, and other similar stuff loaded with too much sugar.

Speaking of things loaded with too much sugar, the holiday season also has its share of TV specials and movies that are run on an annual basis and become oh so addictive to the eyes and brain.  This post is about the holiday movies, specifically those that are found on the cable network Hallmark Channel.  For those who don’t have cable, Hallmark Channel’s stock in trade is programming that makes the hearts of people (primarily families and older adults) go “Awww…” when they watch it.  You know, just like a Hallmark greeting card.  (Yes, Hallmark Channel is owned by the Hallmark greeting card company.)

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