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Five years into this blogging thing

It’s Sunday morning as I write this, and I’m thankful for the respite this day is giving me.  See, my past couple of days have been preoccupying and just a little bit eventful.

  • There’s the work week, of course; I’m trying to keep busy with work during my current work assignment and hoping it’ll last as long as I hope it will, if not a little bit longer.
  • Immediately after work on Friday night, I dolled myself up and attended a trans-oriented performance event (more on that in a subsequent post).
  • Earlier in the day on Friday, the management company that cares for my apartment told me they’d finally start work repairing the ginormous hole that’s been in my living room ceiling for 4 months(!).
  • And on Saturday afternoon, I played the part of dutiful son/brother/uncle and made the two-hour drive to my family’s Thanksgiving to-do.  Yes, our family’s gotten to the point where we do our own individual things on the actual Thanksgiving day.

In between all of that, I knew there was another significant day coming for me.  I knew, too, that it didn’t have to do with work or family or even dressing up.  I just didn’t know, or more precisely didn’t remember, exactly which date it would occur.  But a check of the dates on my past blog posts indicates that this very day, November 17, is the 5-year anniversary of my launching this very blog.

You’re wondering why I’m celebrating this anniversary by leading off with all those personal bullet points.  Well, in our respective pursuits of what gives us personal joy, accomplishment, or whatever, sometimes life tends to intrude.  So it has been with me not just this week but in the past 18 months:  Losing one job.  Serving in a temporary work assignment.  Fulfilling another assignment.  Car troubles.  Apartment troubles.  Commitments to friends, family, and my personal care.  Writer’s block.

So while Real Life may intrude, at least I have a personal goal of hitting “Publish” on at least one post per week on here.  Reaching that challenge, as basic as it may be sometimes, gives me as much immense personal satisfaction as posing for the camera and presenting myself to the real world.  Mind you, synthesizing these stories and thoughts have not been easy; I still don’t consider myself a master in the art of communication.  Still, however, when you read my thoughts, poems, reports, or whatever, know that I’m putting forward the best words I can.

What also gives me satisfaction about writing this blog is that it allows you to see me as more than just a pretty face in feminine clothing.  Just as you’re more than how the rest of the world identifies you, I’m more than just a crossdresser.  Yes, I’m a son, brother, uncle, dutiful worker, and proud member and defender of the LGBT+ community in general and the trans community in particular.  Here’s hoping you appreciate the words I share just as much as you adore how I can rock a certain outfit or hair style.

So, what does the future hold for this little blog of mine?  Obviously, I can’t exactly say what will come on here the next few days, let alone the next 12 months or 5 years.  But it’s for sure I’ll continue to share my stories, poems, thoughts on this world, and whatever else may come to my mind.  And, yes, photos; I know I just said I’m more than a pretty face, but sometimes some visual accompaniment is necessary.  And when I mark this blog’s 6-year anniversary, I hope that you’ll continue to enjoy the person I am and the words I speak.  Thanks for reading.

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But what I really want to do is…

The second week of my new current work assignment is in the books, and it got rather busy late in the week.  Thankfully, the weekend is here, and I can relax, gather my thoughts, and rest up for the work week that’s to come.

Speaking of rest and work, I had a dream last night that at one point (from what I can recall) had me getting up from the cubicle where I’m spending my work assignment.  But while I thought I was walking into the break room, instead I found myself on what appeared to be some sort a theater stage.

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False start! (No offense?)

It’s the weekend, always a prime time to decompress from the work week just past, and recharge for the work week ahead.  For me, this past week was a significant one, in that I started a brand new work assignment through a staffing agency.  The assignment is at… well, uh uh, I’m not gonna tell you all.  I need to let Male Mode Me have his anonymity and professional dignity secure.

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Lessons learned from searching for a job (2019 edition)

While I await the next assignment in my professional livelihood (it begins on Tuesday), I want to share a couple of lessons I either learned or reminded myself of during the past couple of weeks:

Beauty is only skin deep.  That’s a more succinct way of saying that that beautiful prince you want to make out with may really be an ugly frog in disguise.  And when I mean “beautiful prince,” I mean a prospective job that may not be the best fit for you.  In my last post, I alluded to an interview I had for a temp-to-hire position that, initially, I thought I had been a good fit for.

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Sitting towards the East

I’ve been away from WordPress for most of the past week and a half, and boy, has that time been eventful for me.  As you may recall from my last post, the work assignment I had been a part of was drawing to a close, and that I was in need of looking for new work to do.  I was already prepared that it would draw to a close.  Well, sort of prepared.  While I had already sent out feelers for new opportunities, I wasn’t yet mentally prepared to leave behind the organization, duties, and work environment I had gotten used to for 13 months.

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Onward and…

Just over 14 months ago, I wound up having to go on a job search.  No, it wasn’t fun not having employment to go to after almost 16 years.  But it was enlightening in that it allowed me to understand the strengths I could provide to another employer, as well as some aspects I could improve upon.

Thankfully, that time between jobs was short.  Matter of fact, one month to the day that my position was eliminated and I departed my employer of almost 16 years, I took a 7-day temporary assignment with a company on Madison’s east side.  It would lead, just a couple of days later, to another temporary assignment.  And while it was an assignment that could be confusing, frustrating, and overwhelming at times, I stuck with it.  And stuck with it.  And accepted the challenges it threw at me.  I stuck with it so much that I’ve been there for 13 months.

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What a… flirt?

There’s a little something I didn’t include in my summary of the OutReach Magic Festival, which occurred two weekends ago, but wanted to talk up in a separate post.  Don’t be alarmed, for it was a relatively minor thing.  Matter of fact, it’s something that felt peculiar to me initially, yet I find myself thinking about it quite a lot.

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The 2019 OutReach Magic Festival

Last weekend was the third weekend of August, one in which Madison’s LGBT+ community celebrates and puts on a show.  Normally, that would have included a parade up State Street and a rally around the Capitol Square.  This year, however, thanks to city ordinances, police department demands, and organizational logistics, event organizers went back to the future, as it were…

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Some lingering birthday thoughts

The euphoria (and sugar high) surrounding my turning 50 years old a couple of weeks ago has now long subsided.  But whatever the day, I can still relate to stories about turning another year older — even if it’s not my own birthday.  As an introductory, let me share with you video from Rachel Brosnahan’s recent appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.  In leading off this appearance, Rachel talks about a bit of a birthday inaccuracy.

I’ve never told anyone that my birthday is on any day other than August 3.  But I can certainly relate to how Rachel’s birthday went from July to April to December, and it’s not out of anyone’s chicanery or anything.  I’ve mentioned it in passing on here before, but I will happily elaborate further in this entry…

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Allison’s forty-tenth birthday

The way the calendar works, one’s birthday doesn’t always fall on the same day of the week every year.  So it is with my birthday, which the past few years fell on a work day.  Luckily, this year my 50th birthday fell on a Saturday.  And when my family texted me yesterday to bid me their good wishes, they wondered what I would be doing during the day.  A natural question, what with my 50th falling on a weekend.  I told them I wouldn’t be doing anything big, just relaxing at home.

Oh, boy, was I lying like a dog.

Past-the-knee knit dress & birthday ribbon

That’s yours truly posing for the camera early Saturday evening at one of the more popular restaurants in the Madison area, The Great Dane.  The dress is literally brand new, as well as a birthday present to myself.  Earlier in the day, I made a quick bee line for errands and stopped off at Forever 21 in West Towne Mall to treat myself to not only a new stylish addition to my wardrobe, but also something that will fit me comfortably and not show a lot of leg (I didn’t have enough time for me to shave them, and I’ll explain why in a moment).

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