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This sphinx prefers not to break the ice

Image source: Wikipedia

What you see above is the Great Sphinx of Giza, a bedrock and limestone statue located on the west bank of the Nile River in Egypt.  It is one of the most recognizable statues on the planet, believed to be created around 2500 BC.

It also has nothing to do with this post.  (Thanks for inspiring that line, Andy Richter.)

Well, hold on there… because in a way, maybe it is.  Obviously not in the ancient statuary aspect of the Great Sphinx, and certainly not in the “solve the riddle or I’ll mercilessly eat you” type of Greek sphinx.  But rather in how this sphinx stands, silently, on the Giza Plateau.

Kind of like how Male Mode Me is in his professional life.

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Root, root, rootin’ for the home team… modestly yet nervously

On more than a few times here, I’ve mentioned the fact that I’m a sports fan.  My male and female closets (the former especially) holds more than a few shirts or jerseys emblazoned with team logos, including a now-outdated one from the Milwaukee Brewers.  You’ll find me surfing through the TV channels any night or weekend afternoon to check out what game is on and who may be playing.  And I’m also prone to doing the same while working from home, even if it’s an Olympic opening ceremony.  (Don’t tell my supervisor I do that, okay?)

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A bad stain on the good name of denim fashion

Allow me to start this post with a selfie.  I’ll explain why I’m doing so in a moment.

Okay, maybe one more just for good measure:

Just why did I lead off with those two old photos, you ask?  Well, it’s not out of vanity.  Consider them two doses of preventative medicine to help settle your stomach once you see the fashion travesty I’m about to show you.  Notice, too, that I’m wearing denim jeans in both photos, and that I’m doing so in a way that won’t make you go…

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Random fashion stuff (7/16/2021 edition)

I know, I know, I spend too much time on blog talking familial stuff and personal opinions, and not enough time on fashionable stuff.  Well, let’s do a little bit of catching up on the topic.  First, an obvious statement:  For the past 16+ months, our minds really haven’t been on dressing up in something fancy all that much.  Nope, our current mode of style has been wearing the same stinky PJs all day while working from the bedroom, dining on the couch, or just watching Bravo all day.  And if we did have to go out, we just relied on anything we found at the corporate-owned discount store that wasn’t too… uh, stinky.

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The day Evil Ugly Stepbrother did a very, very bad thing on the track

As many of you regular readers have certainly surmised by now, this blog ventures into topics outside the realm of crossdressing, which verifies that just like many of you, I’m more than the women’s clothes I wear.  Much as I’d rather not be at times, I’m also someone with a working life, peculiar interests, heartfelt thoughts on the world we live in… and a life story that includes a less-than-progressive, and at times not entirely pretty, familial background.

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Allison gets out of the house for (at least) once

Pride shirt

No, you’re not quite experiencing deja vu all over again.  This is indeed the same photo of yours truly that I included in last week’s post commemorating the end of Pride Month.  While gazing at how glamorous I look, perhaps you also noticed my surroundings, notably the plant life.  Okay, those branches at the bottom of that shrub have given up the ghost, but that’s not the point.  What is the point is, I’m outside of my apartment!  As Allison!  For the first time in a long, long while!  And without a mask!

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Canada and America: A respectful (and not as celebratory as one would have hoped) opinion

I know you say he wasn’t always what he is now
He had to make mistakes like everybody else
lyrics from “He’s My Rock” by Brenda Lee

Time for another edition of “Allison’s Word,” and let’s start off this post by returning to one of my favorite blog post topics:

Canada map

Yep, Canada! The Gr—

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, ‘Canada.  The Great White North.  The World Next Door.  Our wonderful neighbors, the Canucks.’  Eh, you said all that twice before already.”

Well, indeed I did, back in 2016 and 2017.  Really, though, Canada is worth talking about — warts and all.  And especially so during this past week, the week of July 1, when Canada celebrated [*adds two, carries the one*] the 154th anniversary of its formation. Continue reading

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Irresistible forces versus intolerant objects

There’s a bit of a figurative red face on my face as Pride Month 2021 is winding down.  I wish it was due to makeup or even sunburn.  Instead, it’s a feeling of irritation, due to the animosity of those who despise the LGBT+ community — and especially their actions during this particular month, a time when we should be celebrating who we are and not having to constantly fortify the ramparts.

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