Building a fashionable character

Hopefully by now you’ve checked out, in my last post, a general list of the stores and websites I’ve gone to to help build the wardrobe that makes Allison, well, Allison.  There were two inspirations for compiling that list, the first being a compliment a friend of mine relayed to me from their acquaintance, who was really impressed by my style choices.

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Where I generally go to build my wardrobe

Okay, one more post inspired by my friend’s recent inquiry about where I shop for wigs.  And, truth be told, it actually isn’t about wigs at all.  When my friend texted me asking for ideas on places where an acquaintance of theirs could find a wig that wasn’t a porn shop (ew!), they indicated that their acquaintance specifically liked my look.  As in my whole look, not just the mops on my noggin but also the clothes on my person.

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When a wig should not be “a wig”

Okay, one more really quick post (for now?) about wigs.  A few days ago, I published both a personal tale and recommendations about where to buy a wig.  Of course, “wig” was the key word in both of those posts.  And, yes, I gotta make it clear that, until the day I can magically turn my male-mode hair back and forth between flattering male and female styles, I’ll have to rely on wearing wigs as Allison.

But in casual conversation, I would prefer it that you call it my hair, okay?

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Male Mode Me buys a wig… with acceptance thrown in

So, have you read through the recommendations listed in my previous post about where to buy a wig?  Here’s hoping you appreciate that there are other, better, and hopefully open-minded places to purchase a stylish, flattering wig other than a porn video store (eww!) or a seasonal Halloween costume shop.  Places like, say, one that sells lingerie and fantasy wear.

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Where to buy a wig and not a porn video

This past week a friend of mine texted me with an inquiry:  An acquaintance of theirs was wig shopping, and they were seeking advice on where to find a decent wig.  They hinted the only place their acquaintance thought about purchasing a wig was a certain lingerie and porn video shop here in Madison.

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When seeing someone like yourself is not a fantasy

Perhaps you’ve heard about a certain recent item from the world of showbiz.  No, not that one, though I’ll get to it momentarily.  Actually, it’s about this person:

Image source: Mary Ellen Matthews/NBC via A.V. Club

The person you see wearing past-the-chin hair, maroon baseball jacket (well, it appears to be maroon), and beaming grin is Molly Kearney, who was part of Comedy Central’s “Up Next” showcase of standup comics in 2019 and has done acting work on shows such as A League of Their Own.  But come October 1, Molly will be appearing on a big and prominent stage, as it was announced last week that they are one of four new “featured player” additions to the cast of Saturday Night Live for its 48th season (Marcello Hernandez, Michael Longfellow, and Devon Walker are the other three additions, for the record).

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Voter Registration Day 2022

As I write this, it is Tuesday evening, September 20.  It is also 7 weeks until the United States general elections — Voter Registration Day!  Which, if you are an American of legal voting age, is a good time to check if you are registered to vote!

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Ye Olde British Royal Family Blog Entry

Well… The Queen died.  Yep, she’s passed on!  She’s no more!  She’s ceased to be!  She’s expired and gone to meet her maker!  She’s a stiff!  Bereft of life!  She rests in peace!  Pushing up daisies!  Her metabolic processes are now history!  She’s kicked the bucket!  She’s shuffled off this mortal coil, run down the curtain, and joined the freaking invisible choir!  She’s an ex-queen!

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If it makes them happy, it should never be that bad

My last post touched on recollections about the senior class plays I saw when I was in high school.  That tale, as well as this post, are inspired by a little excursion into live theater I took way back last March.  Specifically, musical theater.  More specifically, seeing my youngest niece (whom I’ll call “R.” for the sake of reference) perform in her school’s musical.  That’s right, a musical, where characters can suddenly go from casual conversation into a show-stopping tune for the purpose of character exposition and/or advancing the plot.

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Big time for a small town

There are a couple of things I haven’t had the chance to share with you on here about not only my old hometown but also about one of my nieces.  I’ll get to my niece in detail in my next post, but I will say that they’re both inspired by what my not-so-little-anymore niece does in school:  She sings!  And acts!  As part of her high school’s theater club!

When you think… well, okay, when I think “small town high school theater,” the mind drifts toward basic, unfamiliar plays even some theater nerds have never heard of, performed amidst spartan sets illuminated in relatively dingy lighting.  In other words, what my small town high school’s theater setup was like in the 80s… and certainly nothing like what my niece’s is now.

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