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Rest in power, Aimee Stephens

I’ve been busy the past few days with working at home, writing about working at home, and trying to clean my home.  As a result, some things tend to escape through the cracks of my mind.  However, there is one sad note from this week, concerning the passing of an important LGBT+ figure, that should not go unnoticed.


Photo source: Paul Sancya/AP via

That person was Aimee Stephens.  If the name rings a bell, it’s because she was a litigant in one of three separate cases concerning LGBT+ rights that the United States Supreme Court heard last October.  Stephens’ case involves whether Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which bars employment discrimination based on one’s “sex,” pertains to a person’s gender identity.

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Waiting and wondering… and wanting

If you’ve read most of the posts I’ve written the past month and a half, you’ve noticed they’ve been mostly about the need and want to shelter in place.  By now, you’re probably wondering if I’ve also had the need and want to put aside the fears of the outside world and bring Allison out to play.  Well, unfortunately, my female side has been laying low quite a bit.

Mind you, it’s not like my femme side has been sheltering inside a closet several miles underground.  I have dressed up very briefly on a couple of weekend occasions.  More frequent than that, I’ve been donning a wig and cute top and joined online meetings of the CD/TG support group I frequent.  It’s not the same as being in the same room with them, but it’s a nice way to remind myself that we’re all having the same concerns of late.

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Her myopic anger… and my real concern

My previous post was all about how I (evidently) hyperextended my knee.  If you recall reading it, you may have noticed that I that I did not consult an actual doctor regarding my knee.  Instead, I relied on the advice of friends, family (including my healthcare worker sister), and the well acknowledged corners of the internet.  It’s safe to say that doctors and clinics have bigger things to worry about these days.  As all of us do.  This pandemic is dangerous and nothing to dismiss.

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When the Wizards put the “T” in Pride Night

Okay, you’re just as freaked out as I am by current events and you want anything that brings a smile to your face.  You know what?  So do I.  So let’s share an item that occurred before this world, and the sporting world in particular, went topsy-turvy…

Speaking as both a sports fan and a member of the broad LGBT+ community, it’s awesome to know that there are sports leagues and teams who are openly supportive and welcoming of everyone regardless of their sexual or gender identity.  And while some of them just paint their logo in rainbow colors and leave it at that, others go much further.  Like, say, the National Basketball Association, who has deservedly been viewed as the most progressive of sports entities.  The NBA, its developmental and women’s leagues, and franchises walk the talk through its addressing of social issues at all levels, its support of less fortunate communities, and its inclusion of women and minorities, including LGBT+ people, in on- and off-court roles.

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A poem: “Walls”

With all the horrifying news we’re dealing with now, it may be easy to forget about the big days on the calendar that have occurred or will be coming up.  It was Saint Patrick’s Day a couple of weeks ago.  Easter Sunday will come around next month.  And Mother’s Day in North America will occur in May… when, fingers tightly crossed, things will start getting much better in this world.

But today (March 31) is the International Transgender Day of Visibility.  For the uninitiated, this day is intended to celebrate the broad transgender community, the accomplishments we’ve made, the impact we’ve made upon the world, and the difficulties we still have to face.  Needless to say, both the trans and cis-gender communities are having to face a certain viral difficulty at the moment.  It is, admittedly, a frightening reminder that while we still have our differences, we are all flesh-and-blood human beings.


There are walls between us now
The ones we want to live in
And the ones we have to live in

Your walls are the ones you’ve erected
Walls made of brick and mortar
Walls that serve as your ivory towers
And walls that are the fortification
That protects all you own and believe
From what you think will harm you

My walls are… what you’ve erected, too
Walls not of brick and mortar
But instead of words and actions
That hurt like sticks and stones
Walls that knock me down
And hurt my spirits
All because the person I know I am
Is an unfounded threat
To your world view

Yes, there are walls between us now
The ones you want to live in
And the ones you’ve made me live in

But they’re just… walls
Walls that stand tall but cast shadows
Walls that segregate and alienate
Walls that… can’t protect anyone
From things that are unseen
But will destroy you
As well as me
And those we love

Yes, there are walls between us now
Those we need to live within
But also those we can break down from within

Yes, stay within your walls right now
While I must stay within mine
But reach out to me
Talk to me
Ask “How are you” to me
I’ll ask the same of you, you’ll see

Please be kind
In this frightening time
And once you do, together we’ll find
There’ll be one less set of walls between us

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Constant contact

I had intended to add this topic to my most recent post, but I felt it was something that needed to be highlighted in its own entry.  A question for all of you first:  In this historic, frightening, and historically frightening time, how much have you been in recent contact with the friends and family you love and support?  It’s an important question, really.  I mean, we as humans thrive on connections of one sort or another, be it familial or neighborly, business acquaintance or friendship, a few inches apart in distance (not feasible at this moment) or a thousand miles away.

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Random personal thoughts (3/25/2020 edition)

Just a few observations on the fly.  First, it’s been a week and a day since I holed myself up in my apartment to “flatten the curve” as it were.  Knowing that things are frightening outside my apartment walls doesn’t ease my mind very much.  But since I am able to work through home at the present (thankfully), busy workdays have taken my mind off the troubles of the news.  Well, somewhat taken my mind off of it.

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Settling in

A few more personal anecdotes at the end of the first week of what’s become a scary time…  and I do not use that term “scary” lightly.  Constant news of confirmed virus cases, actions and reactions (or lack thereof) from authorities, and no firm date of life returning back to normal really do freak me out.

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All dressed up for two “dream” weddings

I was going to write about a couple of fashion tidbits I came across this past week, but I’ll have to postpone that for something else I don’t want my mind to forget… especially since it concerns a dream I had overnight…

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What’s scary… and what’s not-so-scary

On this Sunday morning, the thoughts I communicate in this post are not so much on the disappointing political news of the week, the big sporting event that’s set to take place this evening, or even a big decision I made yesterday (a subject for a future post, I promise).  Rather, it’s about other distressing news affecting the trans community.

Perhaps you’re well aware of the reality that myopic, unsympathetic state legislators (yep, from the right side of the aisle) are introducing bills designed to deny transition care to trans adolescents.  Already in 2020 alone, as reports, legislators in 8 states have introduced bills that would make it a crime for doctors to provide medically necessary care to children with gender dysphoria, with similar proposals about to surface in other conservative-leaning states.

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