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What strikes Allison about “Pose” (from what she’s seen)

If you have a basic cable subscription or one of those relatively newfangled online TV accounts, perhaps you’ve seen this title card at least once… and if you have a keen ear, the high-heel clicks that accompany it.


The tile card for Pose (image source here)

Pose is a dramatic series whose first season ran a year ago on the FX network and debuts Season 2… holy freakin’ cow, this week?!

For the uninitiated, here’s a basic description of what Pose is all about:  Set in New York City of the late 1980s, the series is centered primarily around the subculture of the LGBT+ community known as ball culture.  In this environment can be found participants who are, more often than not, part of “houses.”  No, not a physical house per se, but rather teams of participants who glam themselves up, walk the stage, vogue, and emulate other genders (especially the one they weren’t born as) and social categories in ball events.  The object:  Making a good impression on the event’s judges and audiences (“10’s across the board!”).  The reward:  A trophy, personal pride in knowing that you and your house are top dog for at least a night… and the thrill of venturing outside your drab and nowhere-near-glamorous social, economic, and health-related circumstances.

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Random personal stuff (6/9/2019 edition)

6-7-2019 738-31pmYep, that’s me taking that selfie.  This past Friday night, I dolled myself up, put on this brand new pride-themed shirt I found at Ragstock, and went to Mother Fools for their monthly poetry performance.  I hadn’t been there since doing some semi-freeform spoken-word stuff last December, and hadn’t been a part of their first-Friday-of-the-month poetry events in well over a year.  I hadn’t been there for various reasons, including my job search last summer, just feeling dog-tired from the work assignment I have right now (more on that in a moment), and lack of creative poetry juices.

This time around, though, I didn’t want to make excuses to myself or wait any longer.  So, after I finished my work day late Friday, I made a bee line straight home to get changed into Allison.  It would have been a little sooner than late Friday had I not had to stick around for a couple of things I had been meaning to do all day at work (again, more on work later).

Still, it was amazing how I turned out after applying my makeup.  I’d say it took under an hour for me to slather on the foundation, blush, eye shadow, and lipstick, not to mention straighten out my wig.  (Note to self: The hair goes over the glasses’ arms.)  Oh, it also took an extra hour to do some extra shaving of my face and find the maxi-skirt and shirt I wanted to wear (my closet is always unorganized *sigh*).

But how did I do at the mic, you ask?  Well, while I was a bit rusty, especially with my less-than-perfect poetry intros, I did all right.  And even with the light crowd indoors at Mother Fools on what was an incredibly beautiful Friday evening (perhaps most of the regular crowd was taking advantage of that weather), it was a nice, accepting, and appreciative atmosphere.

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Some fashion (and some thoughts) for Pride Month 2019

Rainbow shirt and Apt. 9 maxi-skirt

The other day, with a thunderstorm ruining my plans to venture out en femme, I decided instead to head down to my building’s basement.  It’s obviously not the most glamorous locale in my building, let alone the world, but the pale color of the concrete walls that help keep our apartments upright are a nice background for a fashion shoot.

And just what am I wearing here?  Well, let’s start off with the skirt.  Back at Christmastime, I received a nice gift card from Kohl’s department stores.  With the $40 on that card burning a big hole in my wallet by the time spring rolled around, I figured it would be a nice way to help build the summertime portion of my feminine wardrobe.  Luckily, I found a perfect addition in this navy blue Apt. 9 maxi-skirt.

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Wrong and right ways to commemorate this day

As promised, here’s the second post where I wanted to discuss Memorial Day.  Again, this is a day meant to pay tribute to those who died in service of the United States Armed Forces.  If you’ve paid your own tasteful tribute today, even if it’s as simple as offering condolences or planting an American flag on a military member’s grave, good for you… for you understand the gravity of this solemn day.

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A more fashionable Memorial Day on the diamond

Like many of my fellow Americans, I’m taking a respite from work today.  And you do know what today is, correct?  It is Memorial Day, a holiday designated to pay honor to those who lost their lives while serving in the United States Armed Forces.  If you are one of the great multitude who do at least a little acknowledgement that this day is more than just an excuse for a 3-day weekend, thank you.  Sure, you may just say something like “lest we forget” while planting an American flag next to a gravestone, or even say “thank you for your service” to someone in uniform (who has their own days, which I’ll touch on briefly in a moment), but you do understand the gravity of this day.

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Dreams of me doing… what?

I’m goin’ back in time
And it’s a sweet dream
— Lyrics from “Best Of My Love” by The Eagles

I was perusing through my mail one day earlier this spring, and lumped with the bills and junk mail was a brochure promoting non-credit continuing studies courses at the University of Wisconsin—Madison.  Admittedly, I have never really considered taking a course to learn something like, say, art or language or (*sigh*) business leadership.  I’ve always thought (foolishly, I admit) that such classes were for those who have the time, money to do so, not to mention the desire to make a great big pivot in their lives.

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#TBT: An enjoyable first impression of Madison

There’s an anniversary in our family this week that I imagine we’ve forgotten about because we’ve been so busy.  I didn’t, however, although for a moment I forgot exactly which day it occurred.  For sure, though, it was in the month of May.  And definitely for sure, it occurred 20 years ago today (May 16, 1999).  This was the day that the older of my two sisters graduated from college.

Sis has been in the health care world for her entire professional life, and during the 1990s she went for further schooling, starting out at UW—Green Bay for a couple of semesters before transferring to UW—Madison.  And 20 years ago, our entire family spent the weekend herein Madison, where we all saw Sis walk up to that stage, grab that diploma, and turn her tassel from right to left.

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The not-so-ordinary mother figures (a Mother’s Day addendum)

I had a feeling when I wrote my previous post about Mother’s Day on Saturday night, I would fail to include a few important (to me) things about the subject matter.  Indeed, I had only made passing mention of three not-so-traditional forms of mothers in this world.  One of those was the single-parent setup, of which I was part of during my very young years:  My mother was a divorcee, and she looked after and provided for both my sister and I on her own for several years.  Even after she remarried, had another child, and took another job, she still cared for us and made sure we were doing alright even with our latchkey kid setup (she worked nights for a while, and Dad was on the road quite a bit).  Things weren’t always hunky dory, but we turned out okay for the most part.

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Allison’s Word: “Mother”

Time to resurrect a recurring feature of this blog I call “Allison’s Word.”  In the past, this feature has included a disembodied voice intruding my thoughts to you.  However, said voice is sitting out this post, and instead I’ll share a couple of thoughts on my mind about an important subject for particular weekend:


If you’ve noticed on your calendar or in your nearest greeting card section or flower shop, Mother’s Day is taking place here in the United States this weekend.  The day is, as its Wikipedia entry so eloquently puts it:

“A celebration honoring the mother of the family, as well as motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society.”

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Very perceptive

I wanted to share in this quick post realization that dawned upon me late today at work.  As I mentioned in this post from early last week, management at the organization to which I’m currently assigned has set forth on a departmental realignment.  This is affecting me in a big way, in that I’m in the process of shedding a couple of important duties, including one that… well, let’s just say it affects our organization in a significant way.

As a natural part of this reorganization, I’m in the process of training the person who will take responsibility for the duties I’m shedding.  We’re right now in the early stages of training, and naturally, this person has been asking lots of questions, including those I’m stumped on and don’t know the answer.

To be clear, asking questions, be they few or many or large or small, is a very good sign for any new employee.  It means that they’re trying to absorb the ins and outs of the role, as well as the whys and what fors.

But with those questions, they’re also finding out something else:  What kind of situation are they getting themselves into?  This was made to clear to me when, late in the day today, I sat down with the person I’m training after I had caught myself up on a couple of e-mails.  She had a talk with our manager concerning a report I’ve been trying to catch myself up on and that she started helping out on.  And it’s a big report, too, both in size and in importance.  How important, you ask?  Let’s just say it’s a rundown of some of the stuff I’ve missed doing because I’ve been caring for my other tasks.

When I rejoined my new colleague, she made a very astute observation to me:  I’ve been in over my head.  Oh, and I landed in a rather bad situation when I joined this organization 9 months ago.

And you know what?  She was absolutely right in her observation.  In my time there, I’ve been trying to put out one fire after another.  And in the past couple of months, circumstances beyond my control let that fire grow into a five-alarm inferno.

But the good news is that she seems to understand the situation.  And while she admits she may not be able to solve every problem that’s resulted from all this missed work, she will try her darndest to care for it.

But this afternoon, at least, she revealed a very important trait that every good employee should have:  The trait of being very, very perceptive.