Allison M.

Thoughts on life, fashion, fabulousness, and (oh yeah) dressing up from a full-time male who's a part-time female

My Topics

Here are some links to all the topics I’ve written about — in other words some of the words and thoughts that make me me.

  • I talk about a lot of personal things here.
  • I get real, real personal by talking about my life experiences here.
  • I love life in Madison so much that I talk about our fair city here.
  • And here is where I get all fashionable.  Well, it’s where I talk about fashions and clothing that pique my interest.
  • I try to challenge myself in writing about lots of things, which you can find here.
  • Speaking of challenging, I’ve even written some poetry, which can be found here.
  • And I get to be all random about lots of stuff here.
  • But if you just want to read about anything and everything I have to offer as a crossdresser… well, okay, if you insist, you can read it all here.