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A thought about online deception

While recently writing about my online and social media lives, it occurred to me that I should bring up, in a separate post, another risk one encounters when venturing into the World Wide Whatever:  Deception.  Or, I’ll go ahead and say it, downright intentional fakery.

In the earlier of those two posts, I discussed my need to add a digital image of myself to my online accounts.  Before buying a digital camera, I resorted to using an anonymous-looking cartoon avatar for my representation on Yahoo!  The day I uploaded the very first digital image of myself en femme is an important day for me, as it confirmed to the world that, yes, Allison M. was and is a real, living, breathing human being.  Sadly, the online crossdressing world is full of people who willfully misrepresent themselves.  I’m not talking about people who fill their Flickr accounts with photos of beautiful women (trans or otherwise) and specifically say that they the types of women they admire and would love to emulate.  No, I’m talking about people who’d post a photo of Cindy Crawford online and say they look exactly like her.  Or someone who’d Photoshop their own face on the body of Cindy Crawford and claim it’s them.  Or someone who’d not only do all of that or something similar but also fictionalize a backstory… all for the sake of deceiving others in the online world.

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How I became so much cooler online

I need to lead off this post with a confession:  This post was originally going to be much longer and much broader in scope than what you are about to read.  I was inspired by a recent writing prompt by one of my WordPress peeps, The Finicky Cynic, about social media.  However, I originally chose to cover the broad online life in responding, as I’m one who considers my online and social media lives as symbiotic with each other.  But once I got to around the halfway mark of my post, I realized… wowzers, this post is turning into a very long read.  I also realized that just talking about the social media life is a long slog in itself.

So, to give both of us — you, the reader, and me, the writer — a break from the monotony, I will save the social media ruminations for a near-future post that, knowing me, I will edit and re-edit and re-re-edit before sharing with you… and use this particular entry to talk up the path my female side has taken on the World Wide Web.  (Uh, do they still call it that yet?)

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