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If you’re a frequent reader of this blog and are reading this post on Friday, October 13, you may notice something is missing on here today.  Don’t know what it is?  Well, if you’re reading this on your computer (uh… you are reading this on your computer, aren’t you?), take a look at the sidebar to your right.  Yeah, there’s something missing, isn’t there?  Well the first thing I did on this site this morning was remove the Twitter widget.

Now, you’re wondering if I’ve left Twitter’s 140-character universe behind entirely.  No, just today, and this is the reason why:


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My less-than-enjoyable Labor Day

Today is Labor Day, traditionally known here in the United States as a day to recognize the labor force… and, yeah, to have one last day of summer before autumn settles in.  Now, if you’re like most people, you probably have this Labor Day off from work.  I did as well, and to celebrate, I went to work.  No, not to sit in my cubicle and pound out the work I do when it’s a Monday that’s not a holiday.  Rather, I worked out in the fitness center at our place of employment, one of the perks provided to anyone who works there.  Well, let me clarify that:  It’s open to anyone employed at the companies in that building (we have more than one business in our building).

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A poem: “Freedoms”

Today is Independence Day here in the United States, the day commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence by thirteen of Great Britain’s North American colonies, who would unite and form what is now the fifty United States of America.

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Incorrect narratives

I’ll start this post with a little bit of levity:  If you’re from Canada, you’re probably familiar with a CBC Television show called This Hour Has 22 Minutes.  For the uninitiated, 22 Minutes is best described analogous to Saturday Night Live and its Weekend Update segment, in that it spoofs Canadian current events and TV news through its delivery of jokes, sketches, satirical commentaries, and man-on-the-street segments, regularly doing so in devastatingly funny and pointed fashion.

When I spent a week vacationing in Canada many years ago, I came across a 22 Minutes episode that included a recurring segment called “Canada in the Morning.”  As you can guess by its title, it was a parody of the breezy TV news/chat shows one turns on (for the sake of white noise?) while getting ready to go to work.  “Canada in the Morning” featured the fictitious duo of “Finnigan O’Toole” and “Lisa Thomas,” played respectively by Gavin Crawford and Cathy Jones, who in interview segments had a tendency to stray very far from the chief topic at hand.

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