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Gray sweater and pleated leather skirt

Okay, peoples, time to show off yours truly in another outfit.

Sweater and flirty faux leather dress

Last weekend, I attended another meeting of the trans support group I am part of.  This is the outfit I chose to wear:

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Random stuff about the Golden Globes red carpet

As I’ve admitted once or twice on here before, I don’t get into watching awards shows on television very much.  So, if you were with me in my apartment this past Sunday (January 7), not only would you have been sweltering with me in an apartment that has the heat stuck in a way-too-high position (a subject for another post, I promise), you’d also would’ve been switching back and forth between football and college basketball and hockey and even cricket.  In other words, we wouldn’t have been watching any of the 75th Golden Globe Awards ceremony or preceding red carpet.

And judging from the social media talk during the ceremony, as well as the post-ceremony analysis… oh, what a night we would’ve missed.  For one, there were the award winners, of course.  Then there was Seth Meyers’ opening monologue and his getting help with the jokes he couldn’t tell.  And definitely bigger than all of that, there was the appearance of a certain TV anchor turned talk show host turned actress turned media mogul — yeah, I’m talking about Oprah — who, when accepting a career achievement award, brought down the house with a speech about justice for women that many equaled to a speech from a campaign in two years’ time for a certain public office (the one currently occupied by You Know Who).  No doubt, her speech was a rousing and optimistic one that will certainly inspire more than a few women, of all ages and identifications, to stand up and stand strong.

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Random fashion stuff (12/14/2017 edition)

Some relatively quick fashion tidbits to share with you, starting with this tweet I shared with the world last weekend:

In what may be the strangest (to me, at least) holiday dress I’ve ever seen, this display at Windsor in the West Towne Mall featured a strapless gown decked out entirely in pine tree needles.  Clearly, this is meant to be a seasonal window display, one meant to encourage shoppers to check out their store.  But if one were to actually wear this to a holiday party… well, for sure, it would be quite the statement-making eye-catcher, one that would be sure to strike up a few conversations about the wear being “fashion forward.”  However, there would be issues with sitting down (“OuchOuchOuch!”), not to mention shedding needles (“Would someone please bring over the broom and dustpan?  Or better yet, the vacuum cleaner.”).

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Allison’s fashion summary (11/14/2017 edition)

Time to catch up on a subject I have embarrassingly left fallow on here:  Tidbits about fashion.  Or, at least this time around, tidbits about clothing that you can get some mileage out of.  A question for all of you:  Do you tend to wear clothing that could be well suited for spring or summer into the fall?  And more germane to the below photo, do you tend to buy something usually more suited for the warmer months but are not found in the markdown racks at at least 50% off?  Those questions were percolating in my mind when I spotted this Liz Claiborne display at JCPenney over the weekend.  Note the floral patterns on the shirts at center and right.  Usually, when you think “floral patterns on clothing,” you’d presume they would be only for the warmer months.  But the colors featured on this shirt are clearly not as bright as you’d expect for a floral pattern.  Not that color or pattern would matter when you’re in need of a casual top to wear.  Oh, this is definitely casual in style, perfect for cleaning house, running errands, or just lounging and relaxing with friends.

11-12-2017 148-02pm

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#TBT: Parachute pants, a stepbrother, and a duffel bag

Before I go any further, a couple of things:  First, this is a story I originally posted on a previous journal site, and I wanted to tell it again here with a few embellishments.  Also, this may seem to you that I’ll be going off in multiple directions in this post, but they all tie in to this story.  Anyway here goes:

As I’ve hinted/mentioned/downright owned up to on here, I am indeed a child of the 1980s.  And if you recall the 1980s, that decade had a number of clothing styles to remember.  Leather outfits were one such style; in my opinion, leather skirts are an ubiquitous classic that, when tastefully styled, will never go out of style.

But, let’s admit it, the ’80s also produced several fashion styles that did not withstand the test of time, among them:

  • Leg warmers (“Just coming back from dance class, I see?”)
  • Noticeably wide shoulder pads (“So, you trying out for the football team in those?”)
  • Members Only jackets (something I didn’t see a lot of in my small town; it must’ve been a big city-only thing).

Times have changed for sure (oh, sorry, “like, fer SURRE!”), and you’ll likely find these old outfits in a vintage/retro shop.  If you’re like me and you come across them, you’ll think one of three things:

  • “This is still a classic”
  • “Oh, boy, this look did not age well”
  • “I think I may snap this up for some real or imagined retro dress-up party I may or may not attend at an indeterminate time in the future.”

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Stepping out in PVC

It’s already the middle of May (already?!), and the other day, I finally — finally! — did something I hadn’t done all year:  I dressed up and snapped some pictures to share with all of y’all.

Piano shirt, jacket, and PVC leggings

After a busy Friday of work in the morning and volunteering in the afternoon, I headed home late afternoon with one more personal commitment, a meet-up with fellow CD/TG people that evening.  Rather than just slap on a wig and jeans, I decided to take a bit of a stylish route, starting with a nice cream colored jacket I bought several years ago at Forever 21.  It does have a nice combination of spring feeling and stylish attitude.

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Allison’s fashion summary (2/28/2017 edition)

Oh, yeah, the Academy Awards were handed out Sunday night.  That most glamorous of awards shows!  Hollywood’s biggest night!  Or whatever hyperbolic term you may apply to it (with or without an exclamation point).

It’s been two days since the Oscars ceremony, so I’m sure all of you have had the chance to digest what went down.  The biggest news of the night was Moonlight winning Best Picture, literally taking the gold statuette from the hands of La La Land.  Since I’m an early-to-rise type of person, I turned in early Sunday night not realizing what happened.  And when I checked out my Twitter feed Monday morning, I thought folks were joking when tweeting/discussing/whatever about that envelope snafu because… well, it’s Twitter.

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Allison’s (not entirely about) fashion summary (2/22/2017 edition)

Despite the title of this post, I’m devoting this post less to fashion and more to catching up on a couple of comings and goings (literally) at the mall a mile from where I live (West Towne Mall, for the record).  Well, it’s not so much comings as it is comings, as it involves two formerly-significant clothing stores that have fallen on hard times as brick-and-mortar entities and have left the mall, and two stories that I’ve been meaning to bring up on here.

Let’s begin with Aéropostale.  If you recall this post from last October, I mentioned that Aéropostale was in the process of closing many of its stores as part of its Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization.  And though it wasn’t part of that early list of closures, the Aéropostale at West Towne turned out to later be among them.  It was a weird sight strolling past the mall during the last holiday shopping season and seeing not only signs saying “Store Closing!” and Entire Store 50-70% off!” but also “New Arrivals!”  Oh, and a “now hiring seasonal help” sign as well.

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Random fashion stuff (2/12/2017 edition)

No doubt about it, the news since You Know Who became you know what has become difficult and at times frightening to hear.  So, it’s good to get away from the freakout fest that is social media and the 24/7 news cycle to venture into other pursuits, if only for a few hours.  Friday night, I went to a hockey game.  Next week, I’m planning to see a live theater show.  In a couple of weeks, I’m hoping to head to an auto show (and I’m not even a gearhead type).  And yesterday, I went to the mall.  To be specific, I went to Macy’s at Hilldale to do a little window shopping and rack browsing.

I wanted to share a couple of discoveries I already shared to the world on Twitter yesterday yet still want to go into detail here.  Let’s start with this item:

While this isn’t the greatest of pictures, these are two pretty nice dresses.  And while the dress on the left has a nice and classy feel (and a necklace that is an eyecatcher in its length), the sheath dress on the right really pops.  I already have a colorblock dress in my closet that I really love (I showed it off here), and if I was in a mood to buy something yesterday (and, sadly, I wasn’t), this particular colorblock dress would’ve gone right next to it.

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Bisou Bisou colorblock dress

Hey!  Two days in a row I’m writing about something in my closet.  And this is one I think you’re going to fall for.


If you recall my Christmas post from a couple of days ago, I mentioned in passing that I treated myself to a new dress to add to my closet.  Well, this is that dress.  I went to the JCPenney location down the road from my apartment, browsed through the women’s section, and immediately fell in love with this dress.  It’s a Bisou Bisou creation, and though you can see it at JCP’s website at this link, I’ll talk it up a little more here.  I’ll start off with the fabric, which is polyester/spandex and feels so comfortable.  The body-contouring design and size (8) feels so truly flattering as well, not loose yet nowhere near tight or constricting. Continue reading