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Writing inspiration

It’s the last day of June as I write this, meaning I won’t be able to respond to every “June Jour Challenge” prompt sent out by one of my WordPress peeps, The Finicky Cynic.  That’s okay, though.  I knew I wouldn’t respond to or even get to think about every prompt before the last of June.  F.C. sent out quite a few “deep thought” prompts this June, meaning I’ll spend some extra time thinking about profound responses.

However, on this last day of June, with F.C. usually using her last “June Jour” prompt to solicit thoughts on her challenges, I don’t want to fail to highlight how inspiring and thought-provoking her prompts are.  I’ve been working on a still-incomplete response about one of those deep topics; I won’t say which one, suffice it to say that it’s brought to the top of my mind one or two pivotal moments in my life that stayed in the far recesses of my mind… so much so that it led me to search for information on the person involved in that moment (no results came up, unfortunately).

One other thing I can’t fail to mention is that at least this year, F.C. didn’t just send out prompts.  Rather, she provided further inspiration for them.  I invite you to take a look at her “June Jour” prompts at this tag page on her site.  And when you do, don’t just click on one link and add a comment or response.  Hit the “previous post” link at the bottom, where this year she offered inspiration on the topics she invited her readers to respond to.  Actually, even beyond June, her posts can provide a writing inspiration to those who can’t think of something to write, but these past 30 days they’ve served as real writing invitations.

So, please give F.C. some love and read her “June Jour” prompts.  And while you’re at it, read the rest of her site as well; it’s awesome and inspiring (and awesomely inspiring) in June, July, or any other month.

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See the U.S.A. in a…

No, this isn’t about an old ad campaign for Chevrolet from when my mom was a kid.  This is a response from another “June Jour” prompt from F.C.  Here, she asks her readers the one destination in their home country they would like to visit.  A couple of years ago, she asked about that one place anywhere in the world where we’d want to travel to, and I posited that it would be the one place I’ve never been to but will dearly love to visit in my lifetime:  Toronto, Canada.

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A poem: “Milkshake”

Time again to catch up on the “June Jour” prompts of one of my WordPress peeps, The Finicky Cynic.  Earlier this month, she sent out this prompt asking her readers to write a “creative piece” (her term) incorporating this word:  Milkshake.

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My family’s background

This is a topic I’ve been wracking my brain about since my WordPress peep, The Finicky Cynic, put it out last week in a writing prompt.  She asks about her readers’ families’ background (i.e. native born or emigrants) and whether their families’ pasts shaped us in any way today.  The reason I’ve been wracking my brain about this is I’ve personally never learned much about my family’s background, either on my mother’s, birth father’s, or stepfather’s sides, and I’ve never been one to think about the subject very much.

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At my desk

Time to catch up on another of The Finicky Cynic’s “June Jour Challenge” prompts.  As I hinted during my first response, I’m doing these out of order and when I can think of and write up a response.  And this is a rather simple response to a rather simple prompt, which is this: “Take a photo of an ordinary object on your desk (home and/or office) and explain why it has a purpose for you.”

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In my room

Now that I’ve put my thoughts about an important piece of Wisconsin legislation into the ether of the internet (it can be found here, for the record), it’s time for me to dive in to the annual series of challenges one of my WordPress peeps, The Finicky Cynic, puts out every year.  She calls it “June Jour Challenge,” and it includes various single topics we can respond to, as well as certain forms of writing styles we must adhere to (or adhere as close as possible).

Since F.C. started the 2017 “June Jour Challenge” a week ago, I have yet to respond to any challenge.  That ends with this post.  And with me playing catch-up, I’ll have to respond to F.C.’s challenges out of order (I hope she doesn’t mind).  I’ll start with a response to this challenge she sent out yesterday:

“Everyone has a ‘safe space’ where they can relax and be themselves.  Where is yours?”

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Allison’s Word: “Mortality”

“Look, all I know is what they taught me at command school. There are certain rules about a war. And rule number one is young men die. And rule number two is, doctors can’t change rule number one.”
— Henry Blake to Hawkeye Pierce in a 1973 episode of M*A*S*H

I should warn you that this edition of “Allison’s Word” is going to be rather depressing, and for that I truly apologize.

“I saw the title and felt depressed already.”

I felt depressed just by typing it, so I know the feeling.  That title shows a word we unfortunately understand here at the end of 2016.  That’s because we lost quite a lot of good people in 2016.  I mean just look at this list (an incomplete one as I write this if you haven’t heard the news last night/this morning) and you’ll see a lot of familiar names.  There are names of those we grew up with and idolized.  Names of people we may not have grown up with but had long admired and appreciated just the same.  Names of those we were just beginning to appreciate.  Names of those we watched on TV, saw in the theaters, or rocked out with in our rooms with the stereo turned up to 11.

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Allison remembers her first eclipse

This is another of those times when I was planning to write about one subject, but my attention is directed to a totally different subject.  So, instead of writing about dressing up or whatever I was going to write about (I’ve forgotten already), here I am responding to this one-word Daily Post prompt:  Eclipse.

When I saw the prompt today, my mind didn’t think of any existentialist definition of the word “eclipse” but rather automatically thought of the astronomical term, precisely a solar eclipse, which, for all you kids out there who haven’t taken any science classes yet, is when the moon crosses between the sun and the earth, causing part or all of the sunlight to disappear from view.  The most epic version of a solar eclipse is when the moon is close enough to Earth to completely cover all traces of sunlight — the total eclipse.

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A poem: “Layers”

This quick poem is inspired by one of The Daily Post’s writing prompts, which is simply one word: Layers. So, my poem is called…


Go ahead, take a look at me
What do you see?

You see a beautiful head of hair
But it’s just the wig du jour

You see a smile in lipstick
But that can be wiped off (kissed off, if the mood is right)

You see a blouse and a skirt
But they keep me from being naked

You see layers of concealer and blush
But it’s all painted on with a trowel, really

You see eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara
But they only hide something inside me

Oh, you couldn’t tell?
It’s true, I keep things hidden
(No, not just the obvious)
They are hidden layers
Under these layers of clothes and makeup and hair

No, I won’t tell you about them just now
Let me see first if you’d be accepting

Seriously, I must investigate your feelings
If you didn’t see me wearing this hair
If you saw me without my makeup
If you saw me in another gender’s clothes
Would you still accept me?
Would you accept all sides of me?

If you would… oh, if only you would…
I’d love to tell you
About the many layers I wear daily
No, not just two genders’ layers
But the layers of life I always wear

Oh, yes, I wear extra layers
Every second, every hour, every day
No matter what the temperature may say

Every day, I add new layers
They’re layers created by life’s ups and downs
It’s greatest moments and saddest times
Layers first donned in places near and far
Because of decisions good and bad
And right turns and wrong ways

You can’t see these layers of life
At least not with the naked eye
But if you could accept the layers you see now
And accept the other layers you cannot yet see
Could you accept the other layers I may later reveal?

In your heart, I know you could accept them
For maybe… just maybe…
You’re wearing the same layers of life as I

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My first time on a plane

I’ve mentioned on here a couple of times before that I don’t like flying on planes very much.  It’s not like I will freak out and hyperventilate the second I board, but more of a feeling where I’m just uncomfortable being cooped up in the cabin at 30,000 feet or whatever the altitude may be.

But that’s not to say I’ve never flown on a plane, and with that I’ll answer this writing prompt about my first airplane experience.  It happened a few months after I graduated from high school, and the destination being… well, let’s say it was a city out West where I needed to go to for a few months to… well, even writing under a feminine alias doesn’t make me comfortable to admit the reason, so let’s dispense with the reason why I was out West for the 4 most difficult months of my life (I will admit that).

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