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Graduation thoughts

5-16-2017 542-46pmWhile I was waiting for new lenses to be installed on my eyeglasses, I walked around West Towne Mall (yes, I can still make things out without glasses) and browsed through a couple of stores such as Windsor, where I spotted and photographed the display you see to your right.  As you can see, the mannequins are decked out in some awesome looking dresses, and in a respectable neutral color for late spring/early summer (off white).  Look, too, at their feet; those are some pretty gnarly heels they have going there.

As you can also tell, there is also some serious gown action going on.  You know, the kind of gown that goes well with a mortar board on the head.  Yep, it’s the second half of May, which means graduation time.  By now, your nearest high school or college will have had or are about to have their annual graduation ceremonies.  Here in Madison, the University of Wisconsin already had their ceremony a couple of weeks ago.  And this weekend, my oldest niece will walk down the gymnasium aisle, take her diploma, turn her tassel, and enter the post-high school world.

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Random personal stuff (3/24/2017 edition)

It’s Friday evening as I write this; I’m here at home; and I’m really, really, wishing I was out of the house.  And I was planning to be out of the house tonight.  That was until this slight stuffiness and sore throat I woke up with this morning became much nastier as the day wore on.  Now, my nostrils are even stuffier, my throat feels even more irritated, and I ache all over.  Yeah, suddenly being struck by a cold during the first week of spring is no fun.  And it’s even less fun when you were feeling fine literally 24 hours earlier.

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Springing out from winter’s grasp

Today (March 20) is the date of the vernal equinox here in the Northern Hemisphere and the start of Spring.  Here in Wisconsin, however, we don’t call it Spring so much as we call it Still Winter.  We Wisconsinites are of the attitude that winter isn’t entirely through with us until all the accumulated snow is gone and the last snowstorm is but a memory.

Regarding that first part of the equation, Madison’s somewhat drier- and warmer-than normal winter this year meant that the snow has been gone from the ground for weeks.  However, the forecast is calling for snow later this coming week.  Early spring or even mid-spring snowfall isn’t too much of a surprise in Wisconsin (this post from exactly one year ago has proof of that).

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