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Allison’s second Crazylegs Classic experience

crazylegs-classic-logo-color_150w164h72r_v_1_0_0If you recall a year ago, I challenged myself to run in the Crazylegs Classic, which is an 8-kilometer run put on by the University of Wisconsin—Madison whose proceeds go to fund the school’s athletic program.  I had never run in an organized race that long, and I wasn’t sure of how well I would do.  Well, I set to preparing for the race, squeezing in 5-mile runs almost every weekend in the lead-up to the race.  And when all was said and done, I finished the 4.98 miles in just over 57 minutes, well above the treadmill runs I put myself on and astonishing myself in the process.

This year, I got myself off the couch and, despite a little bit of procrastination (I can’t shake all of my bad habits), signed myself to run the 36th edition of Crazylegs, which occurred last Saturday (April 29).  Compared to the lead-up to last year’s run, I wasn’t as nervous.  Well, I sort of take that back.  The only thing I was nervous about was how cold and/or wet I’d feel during and after the run.  Yeah, Madison has had a bit of a cold spell the past few days, along with a few dreary days of rain, including the night before when I had to run in between raindrops to pick up my runner’s packet (shirt, bib, sweat pack).

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Allison empties a bookmark: #MoreThanMean

This morning, I was reminded yet again of the ongoing, very serious issue of misogyny directed at women through online and social media platforms.  One of my tweeps (and I won’t single her out here) had derogatory comments sent her way by some guy hiding behind an icon supporting He Who Must Not Be Named Because He’s Our Thin-Skinned Leader.  All my Twitter friend did was post a couple of witty criticisms directed at men who like… well, let’s just say men who like to post pictures of themselves snagging that big trophy trout on a fishing excursion.  The troll in question replied to her tweet with critiques (to use a less saltier term) directed at her Twitter icon, her physique (she only has a picture of herself from the shoulders up), and suggestions of… uh, inbreeding within her family.

Needless to say, I was disgusted with the flame directed her way, and I encouraged her not to take it anymore.  Personally, I took it a step further and reported this guy’s actions to the powers-that-be at Twitter.  I’m not sure if they’ve deleted his account yet (and he deserves it if they do), but at least my reporting him on my friend’s behalf also meant he was blocked from seeing my account. (Yay!  Take that, Mr. Troll!)

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#TBT follow-up: Pride Tape

I want to devote this post to something that completely escaped my attention last month, and it’s about that “intersection” of two things I’m so cool about: LGBT support and the sporting world.  Over a year ago, I wrote a post about this:

Hockey sticks.jpg

Image source: Edmonton Journal

Yes, that’s rainbow tape covering those stick blades.  Or as it’s officially called, Pride Tape.  It was launched in December 2015 by the Institute for Sexual Minority Studies & Services (ISMSS) at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  Not long after it was first unveiled, the Edmonton Oilers became the first National Hockey League team to use Pride Tape (or at least a prototype) in an on-ice event.  Not too long after that, Pride Tape started being sold through an informational and transactional website (, with portions of the proceeds going to support the ISMSS as well as You Can Play, an organization “dedicated to ensuring equality, respect and safety for all athletes, without regard to sexual orientation and/or gender identity.”

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Random stuff: Rainbow Laces

In the past, you’ve probably seen me talk about efforts in some corners of the sports world to help build acceptance and inclusion towards those in the LGBTQ community, including the “You Can Play” movement in hockey and Canadian football, the use of rainbow-colored tape for hockey sticks, and even recognition of LGBT people from the Olympics to baseball’s first pitch.  But they’re not the only sports or sporting organizations to advance toward LGBTQ inclusiveness, as this image helps prove.


A pair of rainbow laces (image source here)

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