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Allison clears some (fashion-related) bookmarks (10/21/2016 edition)


Christian Siriano (image source here)

I’ve been tied up on so many things this week that I haven’t even logged into WordPress until this evening.  But while I’m here, I want to clear a couple more bookmarks from my browser, both of which are related to fashion (one directly, the other in a humorous vein).  I’ll start by sharing this recent interview (from about a week and a half ago, actually) NPR’s All Things Considered did with Christian Siriano (that’s him pictured at your right).  Siriano studied fashion in London and interned with a couple of fashion houses before competing in — and winning — the 4th season of Fashion Runway in 2008.  Since then, Siriano launched his own fashion line; designed red-carpet gowns for several prominent celebrities (from First Lady Michelle Obama to nine stars at the 2016 Emmy Awards); and has a clothing line for Lane Bryant and a shoe line for Payless ShoeSource.


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Allison’s (not entirely about) fashion summary (10/9/2016 edition)

Okay, just a quick tidbit I wanted to include in yesterday’s post about one clothing store in Madison opening and another closing, but thought it best to save for this separate post.  When I was at West Towne Mall on Saturday, I ventured into Sears and noticed this:

I’ll get to the “Sears” part of that tweet in a moment, but I want to discuss the Lands’ End part first.  For the uninitiated, Lands’ End specializes in (very comfortable) clothing, outerwear, luggage, and even some home furnishings.  Lands’ End is a Wisconsin-based retailer; in fact, its headquarters are just down the road from Madison (it’s a roughly 25-minute drive from here westward to Dodgeville).

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Allison’s (not entirely about) fashion summary (10/8/2016 entry)

Just a couple of real quick fashion-related tidbits I encountered today.  Well, I should clarify this:  This won’t be specifically about some hot dress or blouse spotted on some rack somewhere, so please accept my apologies if the title of this post misled you in some way.  With that out of the way, let me start by noting that a new clothing store had its grand opening of its newest Madison location today.  It’s the first Madison area location for this particular retailer (it’s these folks, for the record), and it’s part of their big expansion into previously untapped states such as Wisconsin, where they went from zero Badger State stores at the beginning of 2015 to 13 stores as of today.  (Can you say “rapid growth”?)  But the huge promotional push they put on prior to the opening (mailers, signage, etc.) made it feel like the equivalent of The Beatles arriving in America.

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Black Friday thoughts

Let’s start off this post with a little bit of dark humor.  Watch this 1971 commercial for Merrill Lynch:

Yes, this post is all about the world of investment banking, stock market advice, and retirement planning.  No, I’m kidding!  I’ve included that commercial for the imagery it features:  That of a stampede of bulls running roughshod over the landscape.  That stampede is not unlike this stampede:


Image source: Wikimedia

That is an image that can typically be found on this day after Thanksgiving — also known as Black Friday, which, at least here in the United States, is the traditional first day of the holiday shopping season.  It’s a day when big retailers open their doors very, very early (some even doing so on Thanksgiving Day itself) and mark down prices in order to drive traffic into their stores, create a positive image for themselves in the media (low markdowns + dramatic images = monster ratings!), and foster excitement for the holiday shopping season that runs between now and Christmas Eve.

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