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Allison empties her bookmarks (3/26/2017 edition)

I really, really wanted to write about another topic in this post, but it’s a somewhat complex topic that can wait for another day.  But I will be able here to clear out a couple of bookmarks related to..


Image credit: Warner Bros./CW Network

Yep, Supergirl!  I must be upfront that although I will watch an episode or two of a comic book-inspired show or motion picture on television, I don’t make a regular habit of tuning in, Supergirl included.  (Note to self: It’s good to diversify your TV habits away from all sports all the time.)  Part of the reason is that I’m preoccupied by other adult things, sorry.  However, I must single out Supergirl for the route it has taken in its second and current season, with episodes obliquely or downright directly tackling real life issues we mortal earthlings are currently facing.  Earlier this month, Supergirl aired an episode that had vividly clear and unadulterated parallels to the real life issue of welcoming and tolerating immigrants in the United States.  And back in November — right after You Know Who was elected You Know What — one of the show’s significant characters, Alex Danvers (AKA the adoptive sister of Kara/Supergirl), disclosed her attraction for another woman in an episode that was a real pick-me-up from a distressing and horribly impacting election.

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Promises I make today

So, show of hands, how many have freaked out non-stop the past few days?  Ah, a lot of you.  Yeah, [raises hand] me too.  Yeah, we are living in rough times right now, and I worry it’s only going to get worse, what with the deep divide and the loss of simple human decency that have clearly surfaced after and even well before the election of He Who Shall Not Be Named.

Which is why it was good to see the video added to YouTube this week by the actress Danielle Langlois.  If you saw this post I added on Thursday, you’re probably now familiar with Danielle’s video, in which she professes a set of promises out of a desire to help bridge the deep divides here in the U.S., from respecting others and their differences to having respectful discourse to having respect for Mother Earth.

Danielle Langlois’ video moved me, not so much by her list of promises but by her calm, stone cold solid line delivery.  And it got me to thinking… well, why is Danielle the only one making these promises?  And with that, I got up on Sunday, typed out a list of my own promises, slapped on a wig and makeup, got in front of the camera, and…

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A poem: “Darkness”

Presented without any extra comment, a poem that sums up how I’ve been feeling this week.


Oh, what a lovely day!
What a thrill to be outside today!
Walking down the street
Without a cloud in the sky
Friendly people passing by
Seemingly not a care in the world
As I let the freedom to be me unfurl

But… wait…

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Will I come out?

Today (October 11) is the National Coming Out Day, which, as I described one year ago in this post, is a day meant to highlight the LGBT community, in particular the action of one disclosing their sexual or gender identity.  With this day, of course, will come a great amount of stories about people coming out as gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, or even a LGBT ally to their friends, family, co-workers, etc.  And every single one of those stories will be beautiful and inspiring in their own right.

But with this day and those stories comes one question for me:  When will I come out?  As I’ve mentioned several times on here, I am not out to my own family and colleagues.  I use only the word “out” in that last sentence because my potential “coming out” would involve two aspects, identity and sexuality.  The identity part is obvious, of course, since I am in what I’d call the “crossdresser” subcategory of the gender identity spectrum (i.e. born a male but presents as female occasionally).  The sexuality part is a little more up in the air for me since… well, I don’t know what I am in terms of sexuality.

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Random Stuff (9/28/2016 edition)

Before I bring up the two items I wanted to highlight here, I have a confession to make:  Only very recently did I become a regular podcast listener.  Yeah, go ahead and call me a luddite, but please hear my explanation:  While at work, I listen to live online radio station streams, far too many of them to single out here.  Which leads me to a two-part conundrum:  My employer doesn’t mind when its employees stream music stations on company computers, they frown on any streaming of “news/talk” stations.  And “news/talk,” for all the political leans that term suggests, can too broadly encompass any spoken-word content that’s not political at all; the hosts and guests could be discussing, say, gardening tips, but to an unforgiving employer, they could very well be talking a lot of left/right hot air.

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Madison’s day to show some LGBT pride

If you recall from August of last year, I had plans to march, as Allison, in Madison’s LGBT pride parade.  However, a very last-minute familial situation scrapped those hopes.  (At least I did dress up for the public one month later.)  But I still love a (pride) parade, and I wanted to take in this year’s edition of Madison’s pride parade, which took place on August 21.

8-21-2016-137-22pmThe event is technically billed as the Outreach Pride Parade & Rally.  The Outreach of the name is the LGBT community resource center here in Madison (mission statement: “To promote equality and quality of life for LGBT people”).  Outreach, which just moved to a newer, more expanded office in Madison earlier this summer (memo to self: check it out very soon), puts on noteworthy LGBT-oriented events in the Madison area every year, including an awards banquet that is scheduled to take place this coming week, and, since 2014, a parade and rally every August.

You’re probably seeing that “since 2014” part in that last paragraph and are wondering to yourself, “Really?  Madison is so open and progressive, yet they’ve only had a pride parade since 2014?”  Well, that’s not true.  Other groups have put on pride parades in the past, including a group called Capitol Pride that put on a small parade in the late 2000s/early 2010s.  Those groups, for various financial and/or organizational reasons, have come and gone.  Some of the previous pride parades and rallies in Madison have been different than what Outreach puts on.  Some years it was just a parade; a parade followed by a picnic or rally; and, as I recall one year, just a picnic since there wasn’t enough money in the budget for a parade (a city parade license and police logistics can cost a pretty penny).

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Random stuff: “Alex’s” YouTube Music ad

I’m quite surprised that what I’m about to discuss in this post hasn’t made too many waves in the LGBT-oriented press as of yet, or at least the news sources I regularly follow.  While everyone’s attention (LGBT or otherwise) seemed to be directed towards some annoying political convention (except for me), YouTube unveiled an ad campaign for its subscription-based music service, YouTube Music.

The YouTube Music ad campaign’s tag line is, “It’s not just what we listen to.  It’s who we are.”  What do they mean by that?  Music is more than something conveniently playing in the background; it helps us express and define who we are, helps ease our emotions, and help build connections with new people and new places.

To coincide with that tagline and theme, the campaign features images of people from different backgrounds with different stories, each of which is told through their use of YouTube Music (you gotta highlight the product, of course).  Among the ads are a woman finishing her debt to society; another woman on a plane, clearly sobbing for reasons unknown; and the ad posted below, which features a character named Alex.  I’ll talk up this particular ad after you watch it:

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Hot girls and high heels at work

Okay, there was something… well, I should correct myself, two things that I noticed at work this morning that I wanted to chat about here, one good and one… well, it left me shaking my head a little bit.  I’ll start with the head-shaker first:  Almost right off the bat this morning, I had a big print job that I had to send to our multi-function device in the mail room of our floor.  “Multi-function device” is a somewhat cumbersome way of saying this device can scan, copy, and print all at once (it does the needs of the 100 people or so that occupy our floor at work).  I tend to call it “The Big One” since, well, it’s a rather big device (about a foot shorter than I am, and I’m 5’5″ out of heels)…

But I’m losing my train of thought here, so let’s get back to what I wanted to talk about:  While grabbing my print job from “The Big One,” I noticed someone had printed personal stuff.  Which is commonplace in our work place and maybe in yours, too:  A lot of people use their work computer and printer to print off internet articles, travel plans, hotel reservations, property listings… and, oh yeah, full-color photos of beautiful women.  Yeah, that’s what I saw when I got my big print job this morning:  Someone used “The Big One” to print off three images of hot-looking babes.

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Allison reviews Queer Shorts 2.0


The poster art for Stage Q’s “Queer Shorts 2.0” as found on the website

I had been putting it off for a few days, but last night I finally made reservations to head back to the Bartell Theatre downtown for Stage Q’s “Queer Shorts 2.0: The Reboot.”  I say “finally” because Old Lazybones Me had been planning to take in the show yet kept putting off buying tickets.  And when I did finally make my reservation yesterday, it was for this afternoon’s final showing.  Yep, it was a matinee performance; no Friday Night excitement has I had been planning for.  Still, though, attending “Queer Shorts” was worth it no matter the starting time.

If you don’t remember my description from my review of “Queer Shorts 10” from one year ago, “Queer Shorts” is a production of Stage Q, which specializes in the production and staging of LGBTQ-oriented plays and performances, including their mini-play showcase “Queer Shorts.”  Why did they call it “Queer Shorts 2.0: The Reboot”?  Well, it wasn’t a “reboot” of the show’s format of any sort.  Rather, each of the 9 plays had a unifying theme (some direct, others obliquely) about how technology and social media affects the LGBTQ community.

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Two days later…

Yes, it has been two days since… well, we all know by now what happened early Sunday morning at that club in Orlando, Florida.  And what have I noticed in these past two days?  Well, I’ve noticed that a lot of people are really pissed off.  That’s right, you heard what I spelled there (and I tend to make it a point to refrain from swearing on this blog).  For sure, I’ve been seeing it on my Twitter feed, where it seems like one person I follow after another has voiced in one form or another, through Twitter or Facebook or whatever:  People are pissed off.

They’re angry about the violent manner in which so many people lost their lives, as well as how the lives those who survived the incident as well as those of the relatives, friends, and acquaintances of both the dead and injured have been irrevocably changed.  At least a few of those I’m following have some sort of direct connection to Orlando and/or those who lost their lives; their reactions have been very real and truly heartbreaking, enough for me to just want to reach into the screen, come out of the other end, and give them a hug and words of support and comfort.

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