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A nice, comfy winter coat

Okay, okay, you’ve had your fill of me talking about the business world, and I hear you.  You want to see an actual new photo of me?  Well, let me take care of that right here and now.  If you’ve noticed the calendar, it’s still February.  And here in Wisconsin, February still means we’re in the grips of winter, no matter what some groundhog may say.  And when it’s winter in Wisconsin, one really needs to bundle themselves up before opening the front door and facing winter’s chill and snow.  And that includes…

Purple winter coat

Yep, a winter coat.  The past year-plus, I’ve been venturing out of the house as Allison much more often, primarily to support group meetings.  Before this winter, I never had a women’s winter coat.  No, I don’t mean the leather or denim jackets that occupy my closet; as lovely as they are in their own right, they’re more suited for a season like spring or autumn, when the weather in Wisconsin isn’t as harsh as what winter regularly brings.  So, back in December, I moseyed over to the Burlington that’s located here on the West side.  When you think of Burlington, you tend to think of coats (it’s website is still, although it also features other clothing as well as home decor and gifts.  But it’s that “Coat Factory” part of its old name that still makes me think of Burlington as a store for affordable outerwear.  And sure enough, this purple Madden Girl coat was on the sales rack.

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Random fashion stuff (12/14/2017 edition)

Some relatively quick fashion tidbits to share with you, starting with this tweet I shared with the world last weekend:

In what may be the strangest (to me, at least) holiday dress I’ve ever seen, this display at Windsor in the West Towne Mall featured a strapless gown decked out entirely in pine tree needles.  Clearly, this is meant to be a seasonal window display, one meant to encourage shoppers to check out their store.  But if one were to actually wear this to a holiday party… well, for sure, it would be quite the statement-making eye-catcher, one that would be sure to strike up a few conversations about the wear being “fashion forward.”  However, there would be issues with sitting down (“OuchOuchOuch!”), not to mention shedding needles (“Would someone please bring over the broom and dustpan?  Or better yet, the vacuum cleaner.”).

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Bisou Bisou colorblock dress

Hey!  Two days in a row I’m writing about something in my closet.  And this is one I think you’re going to fall for.


If you recall my Christmas post from a couple of days ago, I mentioned in passing that I treated myself to a new dress to add to my closet.  Well, this is that dress.  I went to the JCPenney location down the road from my apartment, browsed through the women’s section, and immediately fell in love with this dress.  It’s a Bisou Bisou creation, and though you can see it at JCP’s website at this link, I’ll talk it up a little more here.  I’ll start off with the fabric, which is polyester/spandex and feels so comfortable.  The body-contouring design and size (8) feels so truly flattering as well, not loose yet nowhere near tight or constricting. Continue reading

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Allison offers an unsolicited suggestion

I am currently in the middle of a week-long break from work.  It’s not that I need the vacation.  Well, okay, I do.  Let me actually rephrase that:  I actually need to take a vacation.  Let’s just say Male Mode Me is a workaholic and isn’t one to travel too far for a vacation, let alone take one.

But that’s not to say I don’t appreciate the good things that a week away from work can bring.  I can just relax, do some volunteering, and… yep, go shopping!  Especially at this time of the year, when every store is wrapped up, figuratively speaking, in the hustle-bustle of the holiday season.  So it was last Saturday, when I decided to just browse around the mall down from where I live and came across several displays of cool clothing at Boston Store.  Like, say, this one in particular:

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#TBT follow-up: Pointe foil tank dress and tree

Okay, this is going to be too easy of a #ThrowbackThursday follow-up.  Do you recall seeing that post from a couple of weeks ago that saw me sporting a beautiful ponte foil tank dress from American Apparel?  Well, I had a seasonally appropriate photo left over.

Silver tank dress w/ tree

Yep, that’s yours truly in that very same dress standing next to my Christmas tree.  As I’ve noted previously, I usually put up my tree on Thanksgiving weekend, not so much to get into the holiday spirit but more of a want to haul out the handmade ornaments my mom created years ago (I’m so proud of her craft work).

My dress isn’t the only new thing in this photo.  The tree is new as well.  My old tree was starting to fall apart, so I went out on Thanksgiving weekend and bought a new tree, one that’s a little taller and not as broad as the old one.  (Yes, it’s an artificial tree.  It’s true, I’m not the only thing that’s artificial in this photo.)

Aside from red and green, silver and gold is a usual go-to color combination for the holidays; in fact, silver and gold is the perfect glamor combination any time of the year.  While I didn’t have any gold here (though I did a year ago), I obviously had lots of silver with the dress.  And with that, I set up my camera, posed next to the tree, and voila!  Holiday glamour!  I only wish I hadn’t been alone this particular evening; this is a perfect look for a holiday to-do at home.

Whatever you’re doing this holiday season, and however you’re celebrating it, here’s hoping it’s a wonderful and safe season for you and yours.  Happy holidays! xoxo

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Allison’s (leather-themed) fashion summary (12/15/2015 edition)

Okay, peoples, just a quick post to highlight some outfits I recently spotted that feature that oh-so-wonderful, go-with-almost-anything fabric… leather!  Well, at least the look of leather.  With the calendar now saying it’s mid-December, one would think that most of the fall outfits would have been cleared out of the store racks in favor of winter wear, and with it most clothing items (pants, skirts, dresses) that include real or faux leather.  Not really if a couple of retail displays are to be believed.  This outfit was spotted at JCPenney and consists of leather leggings (okay, polyleather) along with a comfy oversize sweater.  That oversize top lends a casual feel, making it perfect for a nice, quiet night at home with that romantic someone.  But it’s the glisten of said top and the elegance of the leggings that also make it suitable for a tree-trimming party with friends.

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Ponte Foil Tank Dress

Saturday night, instead of venturing into the warm yet dreary and rainy weather Madison has been having this weekend, I stayed in, got dolled up, and slipped on a brand new addition to my wardrobe.

Silver foil tank dress

Yep, that’s yours truly in a new ponte foil tank dress I spotted last Saturday at American Apparel. (Here is that dress on their website).  I had just finished a volunteer opportunity downtown, and instead of heading home and relaxing, I got the urge to walk over to State Street and do some browsing around in the stores.  I checked out the racks at American Apparel when, what to my wondering eyes did appear, this totally awesome tank dress.

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Allison’s fashion summary (11/18/2015 edition)

Okay, peoples, with 134 blog posts complete, let’s devote post #135 to some fashion I spotted last weekend at the Hilldale location of Macy’s, beginning with the whole “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas” theme despite it not yet being Thanksgiving yet. (Christmas just keeps coming earlier and earlier every year as this post from October verifies.)

If you have a child or if you’re a child at heart, you might get a kick out of this cute, whimsical depiction of Santa and one of his reindeer being all buddy buddy.  There’s something about the joyous expression on Santa’s face that just gets to you at the holiday season.  There’s something, too, about this sweater being matched up with a vest with heavier fabric and contrasting color (red, in this case); it creates a cozy feeling for that long winter’s night.

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Allison’s random fashion highlights (2/10/2015 edition)

Okay, don’t let the “random” of the title make you think this is all eenie-meenie-miney-mo, but I’ve got a little itch to write another post this evening, and there are some recent clothing photos I haven’t yet highlighted, so I’ve selected three recent pictures.  This first photo, taken in December, is of an outfit I spotted at Body Central at West Towne Mall just a week or so before the chain closed its doors (yeah, I’m still bummed out about that).  The first thing you probably notice in this set-up is the leopard print jacket, but don’t forget to notice the red tank top underneath; it’s a cool color contrast, and I think it’s just as much an eye-catcher as the jacket.  The long string of pearls is a nice topper.  Doesn’t this just scream “sex appeal”? (Oh, take note of the outfit just to the left; it has a nice contrast of black jacket, pink top, and beige skirt.  Now that I notice it and think of it, I should’ve taken a picture of that outfit as well.)Body Central leopard jacket outfit (12-28-2014) Continue reading

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Holiday finery and holiday thoughts

Christmas tree w/ gold top and leather pantsIn case you haven’t noticed by all the decorations and sales in the malls, the fa-la-la-la-la-ness on TV and radio, and even by this photo of me with this tree, the holidays are here.  This photo was taken earlier this month, and I’m showing off a couple of things:

  • First, the clothing.  I’m sporting a glittery gold top I found about 2 or 3 years ago at Forever 21.  As I’ve noted in my previous posts, the holidays tend to bring out sparkly or classy clothing for parties, etc., and this top is well suited for the season.  I’ve paired it with my trusty pair of Apostrophe leather pants I bought at Sears when I still lived in Green Bay in the early 2000s (yes, a long time ago).  Admittedly, my waistline has changed a little bit since then and they may not flatter my waistline as well as it had previously (which is why my left arm his hiding my girth), but this was my first real pair of real leather pants.  Oh, sure, I had owned other leather or faux leather articles of clothing (i.e. jackets, skirts) by that time, but there’s something about leather pants that makes me feel all girly, and that’s why I’ve held on to them for so long.  Together, this top and these pants (and this necklace) create a wonderful look for a casual night in with friends or the one you love.
  • Secondly, the tree.  I’m usually one to haul out my decorations from the closet and my tree from the basement on Thanksgiving weekend, if solely for the fact that most of the decorations were made by my mom. (See those moon-shaped bear ornaments?  Mom made those.  Ditto for the lace-winged angels.)  Mom has always been into crafting and sewing in one form or another, and her creations have always made me proud of her creativeness.  Most of Mom’s ornaments were shared by my sister and I when we shared an apartment when we were younger.  When she moved in with here future husband, she didn’t want most of Mom’s ornaments (why she didn’t, I’ll never know), so I kept the ornaments ever since, and I happily bring them out every December.  Though I live alone and am the only one able to enjoy them in person, Mom’s ornaments always seem to brighten up my tree and my living room.

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