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On assignment

As many of you regular readers may know, I had to leave my previous place of employment back in June, after which I ventured into the great unknown that is looking for new employment.  Most of my search has taken me to the equally great unknown that is temporary and staffing agencies.  By my count, I signed up with 7 such agencies during this summer, and it could have been 8 had I not actually gained regular employment through one of those agencies.

If you have been looking for your own new employment, perhaps you too have signed up with an agency or two.  It’s part of what has been billed the “gig economy,” in which short-term or freelance work, as opposed to something that’s long-term and permanent, is prevalent.  An employer may not want, need, or be capable of employing someone for a long time, so they’ll retain the services of a temporary staffing firm, who will do the legwork when it comes to searching for and compensating qualified workers.

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Rain, rain, go away

If you’re wondering, yes, I did march in the OutReach Pride parade last weekend.  And, yes, I will have a post on it coming very soon.  But at this point, I will thank goodness that the parade took place on the warm, pleasant Sunday we had in Madison last weekend, not the wet, stormy Monday that socked us.

For those of you who do not live in Dane County, we were hit with a massive deluge of rain Monday afternoon into Monday evening.  How much rain?  Judging from the reports I saw, my particular location on Madison’s west side got socked with about 8 inches of rain.  That could be an underestimate on my part, considering that locales to the immediate west of Madison got hit much worse, including just under a foot of rain in Middleton and over 15 inches in Cross Plains.  It was, according to county emergency management, the all-time Wisconsin record for heaviest rainfall within a 24-hour period.

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A poem: “Beautiful Heart”

As a preface, I offer to you a bit of a confession:  I actually presented this poem in a live performance back at the end of June.  Well, I’m sure you out there on the internet don’t mind that I did this, but before even that, I had hoped to present this poem first to a friend of mine.  J. and I met through a CD/trans support group we both frequent.  Matter of fact, during her previous employment, J. helped spearhead some support for our group.  We were grateful for that, of course, but we’re all even more grateful for the emotional support she’s provided for all of us.

Unfortunately, as I recall, the first time J. graced our group’s presence, I was not in attendance.  But from the first time I saw her at a subsequent meeting, she made her friendliness known, sitting down right next to me and saying “Hi there” as if she and I had been acquaintances who hadn’t seen each other for a while. Continue reading

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Random work thoughts from the birthday girl

In my male-mode professional career, I’ve never made too much of a big deal about August 3 being my birthday.  Part of the reason for that dates back to when I got my first paying job about three weeks before I turned 21.  Back then, I was too evergreen, not yet mature, far too unsure of myself, and just fortunate that I found a job.  I also made too many mistakes in that job, which was… well, I won’t tell you where I worked or what I did, although I will say it was a small office where I had a lot of responsibilities and was let go after two months.  Naturally, the last thing on my mind during that run wasn’t a desire to have balloons and cake at my desk.  So, I didn’t tell a soul at this business that August 3 was my birthday.

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Random stuff: Nicole Maines gets cast

So, you’re sick of my posts about my job search?  Well, so am I… for now, anyway.  While I think about a ginormous employment decision (a topic for another post, I should warn you), I wanted to quickly highlight a nice bit of news from the TV world that hit one week ago.  A question first off:  Do you know this person?


Image credit: Warner Bros. Television via The Hollywood Reporter

That person is the actress and activist Nicole Maines.  Perhaps you’ve seen her a few years ago in an episode of the show Royal Pains, in which she had a guest role in an episode dealing with how one’s use of hormones can sometimes have an adverse effect (her character was the hormone-taker in question).  She’s also appeared in a couple of trans-oriented documentaries, most notably HBO’s The Trans List. Continue reading


New worst day ever

In my mental calendar, there has been a date that was marked in big, pink highlighter marker.  It was marked that way as a reminder to myself of a day when my personal world was shaken up to the core and I had to start anew.  That day was Wednesday, May 15, 2002.  That was the day that I was pulled away from my desk, led into an office, and was told by a Human Resources person that my faithful service was no longer desired by them.

Well, I now have to wash the highlight from that date on my mental calendar, for there is now a new, much more recent date that will need to be marked in that ugly, haunting shade of pink:  Tuesday, June 26, 2018. Continue reading

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Allison watches Eurovision 2018

After a Friday full of trying to keep up with my supervisor’s demands in the morning, volunteering in the afternoon, and getting together with a support group in the evening… and then spending all Saturday morning composing a blog entry, I spent Saturday afternoon camping in front of the TV set.  And “camp” also meant “campy.”


Eurovision Song Contest 2018 logo

Logo source here

Saturday (May 12) was Grand Final day of the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest.  If you recall my write-up about the 2016 contest, Eurovision is part of a consortium of European television broadcasters that produces and distributes TV content throughout Europe.  The Eurovision Song Contest is by far their biggest event, and this year it was held in Lisbon, capital and largest city of Portugal, whose entry in last year’s contest took home the title. Continue reading


A nice, comfy winter coat

Okay, okay, you’ve had your fill of me talking about the business world, and I hear you.  You want to see an actual new photo of me?  Well, let me take care of that right here and now.  If you’ve noticed the calendar, it’s still February.  And here in Wisconsin, February still means we’re in the grips of winter, no matter what some groundhog may say.  And when it’s winter in Wisconsin, one really needs to bundle themselves up before opening the front door and facing winter’s chill and snow.  And that includes…

Purple winter coat

Yep, a winter coat.  The past year-plus, I’ve been venturing out of the house as Allison much more often, primarily to support group meetings.  Before this winter, I never had a women’s winter coat.  No, I don’t mean the leather or denim jackets that occupy my closet; as lovely as they are in their own right, they’re more suited for a season like spring or autumn, when the weather in Wisconsin isn’t as harsh as what winter regularly brings.  So, back in December, I moseyed over to the Burlington that’s located here on the West side.  When you think of Burlington, you tend to think of coats (it’s website is still, although it also features other clothing as well as home decor and gifts.  But it’s that “Coat Factory” part of its old name that still makes me think of Burlington as a store for affordable outerwear.  And sure enough, this purple Madden Girl coat was on the sales rack.

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Random fashion stuff (12/14/2017 edition)

Some relatively quick fashion tidbits to share with you, starting with this tweet I shared with the world last weekend:

In what may be the strangest (to me, at least) holiday dress I’ve ever seen, this display at Windsor in the West Towne Mall featured a strapless gown decked out entirely in pine tree needles.  Clearly, this is meant to be a seasonal window display, one meant to encourage shoppers to check out their store.  But if one were to actually wear this to a holiday party… well, for sure, it would be quite the statement-making eye-catcher, one that would be sure to strike up a few conversations about the wear being “fashion forward.”  However, there would be issues with sitting down (“OuchOuchOuch!”), not to mention shedding needles (“Would someone please bring over the broom and dustpan?  Or better yet, the vacuum cleaner.”).

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Allison’s Jukebox: “Diamonds and Pearls”

While I’m spending part of my Saturday morning bathing in the euphoria from and thinking up a post documenting my poetry performance Friday night (an awesome evening all around), I want to make a quick addition to “Allison’s Jukebox.”  Have a listen to “Diamonds and Pearls,” the 1991 hit by Prince and The New Power Generation.

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