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Allison’s second Crazylegs Classic experience

crazylegs-classic-logo-color_150w164h72r_v_1_0_0If you recall a year ago, I challenged myself to run in the Crazylegs Classic, which is an 8-kilometer run put on by the University of Wisconsin—Madison whose proceeds go to fund the school’s athletic program.  I had never run in an organized race that long, and I wasn’t sure of how well I would do.  Well, I set to preparing for the race, squeezing in 5-mile runs almost every weekend in the lead-up to the race.  And when all was said and done, I finished the 4.98 miles in just over 57 minutes, well above the treadmill runs I put myself on and astonishing myself in the process.

This year, I got myself off the couch and, despite a little bit of procrastination (I can’t shake all of my bad habits), signed myself to run the 36th edition of Crazylegs, which occurred last Saturday (April 29).  Compared to the lead-up to last year’s run, I wasn’t as nervous.  Well, I sort of take that back.  The only thing I was nervous about was how cold and/or wet I’d feel during and after the run.  Yeah, Madison has had a bit of a cold spell the past few days, along with a few dreary days of rain, including the night before when I had to run in between raindrops to pick up my runner’s packet (shirt, bib, sweat pack).

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Winter is (mostly) conquered

As I write this, it’s March 21… or as is also known on the 2017 calendar, the 2nd day of spring!  Yeah, I’m a bit excited about it.  Well, more reserved than excited.  I mean, it’s great that the days are getting longer, which really perks up a person.  But since I live in Wisconsin, my enthusiasm has to be tempered a little bit, since winter has a tendency to reel right back and bite us in the *ahem* backside when we least expect it, even if winter can be as relatively tame as the now concluded winter was here in Wisconsin.  Today was a reminder that spring takes its time pushing winter to the past:  Sure, it was mostly bright and sunny, but the wind was brisk and the chill was present.  I’m not one to regularly check the thermometer, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the temperature didn’t rise above 45 degrees.

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Allison’s first Crazylegs Classic experience

Okay, everyone.  If you read my previous post, you will know that it was all about this running event here in Madison:


Image source here

Yes, the Crazylegs Classic, which is held every spring in Madison as a fundraiser for the the UW-Madison athletic program.  You mean you didn’t know that?  You mean you didn’t read my previous post?  Well, shame on you for that, so go back there and read about the event itself.

Okay, with all that said, this post is all about my experience on Saturday (April 30), the 35th running of the Crazylegs Classic, and how I got my foot… or rather, feet in the event as first-time participant.

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Springing out from winter’s grasp

Today (March 20) is the date of the vernal equinox here in the Northern Hemisphere and the start of Spring.  Here in Wisconsin, however, we don’t call it Spring so much as we call it Still Winter.  We Wisconsinites are of the attitude that winter isn’t entirely through with us until all the accumulated snow is gone and the last snowstorm is but a memory.

Regarding that first part of the equation, Madison’s somewhat drier- and warmer-than normal winter this year meant that the snow has been gone from the ground for weeks.  However, the forecast is calling for snow later this coming week.  Early spring or even mid-spring snowfall isn’t too much of a surprise in Wisconsin (this post from exactly one year ago has proof of that).

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#ThrowbackThursday: Auburn hair, pink top, and a resemblance

Time again for me to fire up the Wayback Machine to 5 years ago, when I got all dolled up, went way outside of my house, and snapped this pic:

Nature trail in pink top & jeans

That’s me, striking a pose on a walking trail about half a mile from my apartment one very warm afternoon/early evening in late July.  I had just recently bought the wig, which has an auburn color and a “romantic” style (or so the packaging said).  Going the “let’s go casual because it’s a Saturday in late July” route, I paired the new hair with a bright pink top and trusty jeans.  Going a little further and taking a “let’s dress up in a public place” route, I went to a nearby park and, with my trusty digital camera and a lawn chair in two, snapped some photos.

Since I’m one who’s more comfortable crossdressing in private, going en femme in the great wide open is always a real dare for me, and it’s always a thrill when I fulfill the urge to do so.  On this particular day, I wondered about how many passers by I would encounter on this trail.  I imagine it was the heat or the time of day or even where I was on the trail, but not a single person passed me by.  Heck, there were a lot more mosquitoes on the trail that evening than there were human beings. (Note to self: Bring insect repellent for the next photo session in a park in summertime.)  Not dealing with passers by actually helped my self-confidence a little bit, so much so that after I was finished with the photo session, I drove over to McDonalds, pulled up to the drive-thru speaker, and ordered a ice cream treat in my best (less than perfect) attempt at a female voice.  The folks in the window didn’t even bat an eye when I pulled up.  How cool is that?

More lasting than any trepidation I had beforehand or any ice cream headache I had afterwards is what I realized when moving the above pic to my computer.  The way my hair was styled and the profile I give to the camera made me realize… oh, my goodness, I resemble my mother.  Or, at least I resemble how my mother looked in her yearbook photo her senior year of high school (Class of 1965, if you’re wondering).  The strange thing is before I first saw the results of this photo, I never thought I had inherited my mom’s looks, let alone any resemblance of my mom’s side of the family, even when previously dressing up as female and getting a good look at myself in the mirror.  If anything, I thought I inherited my birth father’s looks.  There’s actually a photo of my birth father as an 8-year-old the day of his communion; he was a spitting image of how I looked when I was 8 years old.  Just goes to show how much your looks can change when donning clothing of the opposite gender.

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Ahhh, formal dresses….

If the high school near you hasn’t had their spring prom yet, in all likelihood it will this weekend or next.  The high school located one mile from where I live is staging its prom on the day I’m writing this post.  If you go or have gone to a prom, it’s natural you’ll see more than a fair share of formal wear on both genders: Tuxedos with cummerbunds (or at least a decent dinner jacket and slacks) on the males; elegant, glittery dresses (or at least a very decent dress) on the females.  Perhaps those going to proms this spring might wear the types of dresses I’ve highlighted previously on this blog (such as the ones here or here), or more elegant items such as those I saw last week while window shopping at East Towne Mall.  One such dress that knocked my socks off at first glance was this long, black gown.  It’s flowing and fits the figure well, but check out the sequins, stones, and sparkles adorning the shoulders and chest area.  The bling really makes a statement, one that will certainly command the attention of everyone at the dance.

Wow! What sparkle!

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Allison’s day at the museum

[School bell rings]

All right, class!  Pay attention, please!  We are going to have a presentation today.  Allison will come up to tell us about a field trip she recently took, and she has brought several pictures as well.  Allison, if you please?

An amazing piece of architecture, isn’t it?

Thank you, teacher.  On Saturday March 28, I headed East to Milwaukee to see an event at the Milwaukee Art Museum.  Well, two events, actually, and I’ll tell you about them in a little bit.  Let me start by saying I won museum tickets through here, and let me just say, the congratulations/thank you note included with the tickets was so cute (and the person who wrote it has the cutest penmanship).  This was my very first visit to the Milwaukee Art Museum, which is situated downtown on Milwaukee’s lakefront and is composed of three main buildings, the most impressive of which (and the one that had last weekend’s exhibitions) is the Quadracci Pavilion, a building designed by Santiago Calatrava and open since 2001; its signature is a winged brise soleil (that’s French for “sun breaker”) that can open or close within 3.5 minutes. (That’s right, folks, Miller Park isn’t the only building in Milwaukee where the covering moves.)  Even when approaching its entrance via the walkway over Lincoln Memorial Drive, as evidenced in the photo at right, the Pavilion is such an amazing sight.

The Quadracci Pavilion is used for special public events, concerts, weddings, receptions, a cafe, gift shop, and, naturally, Milwaukee Art Museum exhibitions; the latter is more necessary than usual right now since the Museum’s other buildings are currently undergoing renovations, forcing some of their collections to either be moved temporarily to the Pavilion or just held off limits while the renovations are in progress.  The Quadracci Pavilion has also had starring roles in various film, television, and advertising roles, perhaps most notably in the motion picture Transformers: Dark of the Moon, where it served as a showroom for Patrick Dempsey’s character to show off his classic car collection. Continue reading


Allison’s fashion summary (3/23/2015 edition)

Well, it’s the early days of spring, and while one starts thinking of warmer weather and the nice fashions that come with it, here in Wisconsin, more often than not, it means this:

Yes, the above photo I tweeted this morning serves as first-hand evidence that Madison and Southern Wisconsin got rocked by snow during the past 24 hours.  I’m not exactly sure, but I’d say the West side of Madison, where I live and work, got about 6 inches, while areas South and West of here got a foot of snow or more. (More photographic proof can be found here.)  If you live in Wisconsin, you don’t really call spring “spring,” but rather other titles such as, “not really spring,” “nowhere near spring,” “second winter” (which a tweep suggested to me this morning), “Mother Nature’s cruel joke,” or my favorite, “the reason road construction season starts late.”

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