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Whenever I publish a new entry to this blog, one concern tends to run through my mind:  Will you, the reader, appreciate what I want to communicate, even if it isn’t always delivered in a perfect way?  In regards to wanting that perfect delivery, I’ve found myself reading, re-reading, and editing, for purposes of grammar and clarity and clarification, what I’ve already published on here.  Even a comma that seems missing or a thought that gets lost in the syntax can be subject to my wanting to keep this blog rock-solid perfect.

You notice, though, that I don’t say I make edits for the sake of changing the theme or purpose of the post.  Yeah, I’ll go back to edit my misspellings and bad grammar, but the purpose of the post is left unchanged:  I have a story to tell, a thought to share, or praise or criticism to disclose.  And though you may agree with it (hopefully) or not, I always hope you will appreciate my words and be enlightened by them.

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Allison’s Word: “Mother”

Time to resurrect a recurring feature of this blog I call “Allison’s Word.”  In the past, this feature has included a disembodied voice intruding my thoughts to you.  However, said voice is sitting out this post, and instead I’ll share a couple of thoughts on my mind about an important subject for particular weekend:


If you’ve noticed on your calendar or in your nearest greeting card section or flower shop, Mother’s Day is taking place here in the United States this weekend.  The day is, as its Wikipedia entry so eloquently puts it:

“A celebration honoring the mother of the family, as well as motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society.”

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Allison’s Word: “Empathy” and “Sympathy”

The last time I posted on here, I talked about a human trait I’ve noticed during my job search.  That trait is known as “compassion,” in which one person is moved so much by another’s pain and distress that they want to alleviate said pain and distress.  This time around, I want to talk about two other human traits I’ve noticed of late:



“Empathy” and “Sympathy” are traits that have been easily interchanged for each other over the years, but they are distinctly different.  Let’s break them down one at a time, shall we? Continue reading

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Allison’s Word: “Compassion”

Time to bring back a feature I haven’t done on here in a while, “Allison’s Word.”  Sorry, no disembodied voice in this entry (last I checked, they’re getting their nails done), but there will be a word representing a beautiful trait of human emotion I’ve encountered so far during my job search:


Compassion is a human trait that allows people who are moved by someone’s physical, mental, or emotional pain to want to alleviate or ease that person’s pain.  Compassion is that feeling that prompts a person to reach out to someone in their time of need as if to say, “Don’t worry, things will be all right for a little while.”

This week, during my job search, I took time between sending lots of resumés and practicing for phone interviews to have lunch with someone who showed a lot of compassion my way — the first supervisor at my now-former place of employment.  She’s still employed at that company, and that allowed the two of us to keep in touch rather easily during my time there (she was just one floor below me in our building).  Since I departed the company, she has shown quite a bit of compassion in her e-mail conversations with me.  And on Thursday, for the first time since I left, she offered to meet up with me for lunch.  I thought, why not?  I’ve got all the time in the world for lunch at the moment.  We had a pretty nice conversation at that lunch, and she offered nothing but lots of encouragement, including a few statements of “be confident” and more than a few mentions of “there’s a job out there that will be perfect for you.”   And, yes, the lunch was her treat.

My old boss’ lunch wasn’t the only form of compassion from someone at work.  Another person who’s still at that company and was also my supervisor (albeit for a brief time) learned of my departure from my supervisor.  And, yes, she’s reached out to me via e-mail with nothing but support and compassion and advice.  (It goes without saying that both are among my list of personal references during my job search.)  One of my first supervisor’s current colleagues also learned about my job search, and she asked for a copy of my resumé.  I’m not sure who or where she planned to send my resumé to, nor have I noticed any results from it.  But I’m appreciative of her efforts.

Compassion allows one to identify themselves in others and motivates them to do something for the sake of making that other person feel okay for at least a little while.  That thing can be a word or two of support, a lunch with a good friend, a forwarding of a resumé… or perhaps even that next new job opportunity.  No doubt about it, I am very, very appreciative of all this compassion.

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Allison’s Word: “Whoa”

I should warn you that this edition of “Allison’s Word” will be a bit of a downer.  Before getting into the subject matter, though, I want to briefly note that I went before a fancy camera again last Sunday.  Yep, there was another LGBT–­oriented photo event here in Madison, and I got all dolled up, put on my best wig (well, as best as that best wig could get anyway), and became acquainted or reacquainted with fellow people from Madison’s LGBT+ community.  Oh, yes, and I posed for new photos.  I can’t wait to see how the pics turned out, and when I order and receive my selected final shots, I’ll definitely share them with you.

Now, on to what I wanted to talk about here, and the word I want to highlight:


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Allison’s Word: “Who”

Time to add another post to not one but two of this blog’s recurring categories, the one where I clear some of the many multitude of pages bookmarked to my web browser that I’ve been meaning to share with all of you…

“You mean ‘Allison Empties Out Her Bookmarks’?”

Yes, and the one where I go back and forth with some disembodied voice…

“Hey, that’s me!”

…yes, with you, about a certain word.  This is indeed another edition of “Allison’s Word,” and let’s see here… oh, this is going to be a good topic, I do believe.  Who is the subject of this post. Continue reading

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Allison’s Word: “Canada” (volume 2)

Time for another edition of “Allison’s Word,” and a return to a topic I brought up exactly one year ago this weekend:

Canada map

Yep, we’re returning to the topic of Canada!  The Great White North!  The World Next Door!  Our wonderful neighbors, the Canucks!

“Uh, Allison?  Didn’t you say all of that before?”

Yes, I did.  But Canada is a country worth talking up any time of year.  And this is especially true on the very day I write this — Saturday, July 1, 2017.  It’s the 150th anniversary of confederation, commemorating the date in 1867 when three (soon to be four) British colonies united under one dominion, gaining some of its own self-governance while remaining part of what was then known as the British Commonwealth. Continue reading

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Allison’s Word: “Mortality”

“Look, all I know is what they taught me at command school. There are certain rules about a war. And rule number one is young men die. And rule number two is, doctors can’t change rule number one.”
— Henry Blake to Hawkeye Pierce in a 1973 episode of M*A*S*H

I should warn you that this edition of “Allison’s Word” is going to be rather depressing, and for that I truly apologize.

“I saw the title and felt depressed already.”

I felt depressed just by typing it, so I know the feeling.  That title shows a word we unfortunately understand here at the end of 2016.  That’s because we lost quite a lot of good people in 2016.  I mean just look at this list (an incomplete one as I write this if you haven’t heard the news last night/this morning) and you’ll see a lot of familiar names.  There are names of those we grew up with and idolized.  Names of people we may not have grown up with but had long admired and appreciated just the same.  Names of those we were just beginning to appreciate.  Names of those we watched on TV, saw in the theaters, or rocked out with in our rooms with the stereo turned up to 11.

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Allison’s Word: “Junk”

Time for another edition of “Allison’s Word.”  This time around, the disembodied voice and I present a topic that I’ve held in my mind for quite a while, yet I never devoted time to writing about it until now.

“What, are we la–“

Don’t you dare say “lazy!”  I have been pretty busy creating posts.  It’s just that I concentrated a lot on those other subjects and never formulated a post for this topic until now.  And this topic is…


Yep, junk.  As in all that stuff I have in my closet, both meaningful and meaningless.  If you’ve followed my Twitter feed or even this blog, you know how much of a chore cleaning out my closet can be.  And, yes, it’s the closet behind me in particular the very same closet where all my girly stuff can be found.

“You got a lot of junk inside those trunks.”

Yeah, I most certainly do.  Still do, in fact.  I recounted in this post from August that I spent most of my week-long vacation away from work just cleaning out the closet.  I’ve always had a lot of junk inside and outside of those trunks:  Old books, office stuff, hats, things I’ve been meaning to give to Goodwill… and, oh yeah, my feminine attire.  So, I did some heavy duty cleaning of that closet. Continue reading

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Allison in Madison: “Hippie Christmas”

Ho, ho, ho, peoples!  Time for another edition of “Allison in Madison,” and this time around it’s also “Allison’s word.”  I’ll tell you the word (or phrase, actually) in a bit, but I start by noting that yesterday (Monday) was the 15th day of August.  I was a pretty busy beaver on Monday, what with a full day of work, errands, and typing up my previous blog entry.  So busy, in fact, that I forgot that the 15th was a very important day in Madison.

“And you still had to work, huh?”

No, it wasn’t an official holiday by any means.  August 15th (or 14th depending on the landlords’ terms) is the day when new lease periods for apartments in Madison’s central core simultaneously begin.  I refer to “central core” as the areas in or near the University of Wisconsin campus, including downtown.  And, yeah, a lot of UW students occupy those apartments during the academic year.  It’s not so much about the rent, of course (apartment rent can be pretty steep in many spots throughout this town, as I can attest) but the close proximity of these apartments to the UW campus area.

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