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Allison’s Word: “Who”

Time to add another post to not one but two of this blog’s recurring categories, the one where I clear some of the many multitude of pages bookmarked to my web browser that I’ve been meaning to share with all of you…

“You mean ‘Allison Empties Out Her Bookmarks’?”

Yes, and the one where I go back and forth with some disembodied voice…

“Hey, that’s me!”

…yes, with you, about a certain word.  This is indeed another edition of “Allison’s Word,” and let’s see here… oh, this is going to be a good topic, I do believe.  Who is the subject of this post. Continue reading


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Allison empties a bookmark: #MoreThanMean

This morning, I was reminded yet again of the ongoing, very serious issue of misogyny directed at women through online and social media platforms.  One of my tweeps (and I won’t single her out here) had derogatory comments sent her way by some guy hiding behind an icon supporting He Who Must Not Be Named Because He’s Our Thin-Skinned Leader.  All my Twitter friend did was post a couple of witty criticisms directed at men who like… well, let’s just say men who like to post pictures of themselves snagging that big trophy trout on a fishing excursion.  The troll in question replied to her tweet with critiques (to use a less saltier term) directed at her Twitter icon, her physique (she only has a picture of herself from the shoulders up), and suggestions of… uh, inbreeding within her family.

Needless to say, I was disgusted with the flame directed her way, and I encouraged her not to take it anymore.  Personally, I took it a step further and reported this guy’s actions to the powers-that-be at Twitter.  I’m not sure if they’ve deleted his account yet (and he deserves it if they do), but at least my reporting him on my friend’s behalf also meant he was blocked from seeing my account. (Yay!  Take that, Mr. Troll!)

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Allison clears bookmarks about an LGBT center somewhere

Please don’t let the title of this post make you think I’ve become blasé about the opening of a center dedicated to those who identify as part of the LGBT community.  That’s not the case, for any office or center, large or small, that’s dedicated to providing support, resources, or just a conversation place to our community is a vitally important thing to have, wherever it may be.  Now more than ever, it seems that these centers and the resources they can provide are important, even as our community has made great strides towards rights and acceptance.

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