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A nice, comfy winter coat


Okay, okay, you’ve had your fill of me talking about the business world, and I hear you.  You want to see an actual new photo of me?  Well, let me take care of that right here and now.  If you’ve noticed the calendar, it’s still February.  And here in Wisconsin, February still means we’re in the grips of winter, no matter what some groundhog may say.  And when it’s winter in Wisconsin, one really needs to bundle themselves up before opening the front door and facing winter’s chill and snow.  And that includes…

Purple winter coat

Yep, a winter coat.  The past year-plus, I’ve been venturing out of the house as Allison much more often, primarily to support group meetings.  Before this winter, I never had a women’s winter coat.  No, I don’t mean the leather or denim jackets that occupy my closet; as lovely as they are in their own right, they’re more suited for a season like spring or autumn, when the weather in Wisconsin isn’t as harsh as what winter regularly brings.  So, back in December, I moseyed over to the Burlington that’s located here on the West side.  When you think of Burlington, you tend to think of coats (it’s website is still, although it also features other clothing as well as home decor and gifts.  But it’s that “Coat Factory” part of its old name that still makes me think of Burlington as a store for affordable outerwear.  And sure enough, this purple Madden Girl coat was on the sales rack.

You may have figured that this coat doesn’t look too thick.  Indeed, while its interior lining may have a good amount of insulating material, it’s not so thick, nor is it so large, that it would make me look like the Michelin Man (my male mode coat does that for me already).  But it does keep me warm and stylish when venturing out.  The purple color really caught my eye, as did its detachable black hood that helps keep my head warm and my hair dry.

Winter coat (side view)

One other accent on this coat that you will notice in this photo:  Look just underneath my right shoulder and you’ll see a black sequined star.  Why is it on the sleeve?  Beats me why it’s there, other than that it’s just a nice adornment.  The left sleeve, for the record, has a zip-up pocket that can accommodate your keys or pocket change (it’s not big enough for a cell phone, unfortunately; oh well).

Winter coat & gloves

A few things you’ve noticed in these photos:  For one, I’ve adorned this coat with a complimenting scarf from Male Mode Me’s side of the closet (black, just like the hood).  Also, I added a pair of teensy-sized winter gloves, the kind that are actually two gloves in one; yeah, just slide out, if you wish, the gray glove that covers your entire hand, and you can go finger-free, so to speak, should you need to use your phone and yet still have warm hands.  The gloves are rather cheap, I must admit; I found them some time long ago in the bargain bin at Walgreens.  Plus, you’ll notice (especially in the top photo) that I left the tail of my sweater hanging out a little bit.  A bit of a sloppy look, I know, but better to look not-quite-perfect than to freeze to death outside.

And speaking of winter, you’ll also notice the abundance of snow around (and in front of) yours truly.  February 2018 has been a rather chilly and snowy month here in Southern Wisconsin, the first half of the month especially.  So it was on the evening these photos were taken.  Madison was hit with a pretty good snowstorm (4 inches of snow, or so I want to believe), and I wound up driving through it on my return trip from a support meeting.  Let me tell ya, while the meeting was enjoyable, driving through this storm was not.  Luckily, I was very cautious on my drive home, staying on the well-driven city streets, staying below the speed limit, and arriving home in one piece.  It was after I arrived home that I brought out the camera and tripod and took these photos.  Sure, it wasn’t daylight (when perhaps this coat could be more appreciated), and a million snowflakes were photobombing the camera shot, but I’m still happy to have had the chance to show off this coat for the camera when I did.

Feel free to add your compliments to my winter look in the comments section.  And if you want to see a few more photos of this coat, check them out in my 2018 album on Flickr, which you can access here.  Thanks for checking me out, and hope you’re staying warm this winter.

Author: Allison M.

A part of the trans community ("cross-dresser" is the term that applies to me) who finds themselves much more expressive and somewhat more confident when presenting in a feminine persona. An admirer and supporter of those who are fashionable, fabulous, and friendly (LGBT or otherwise). Someone who tries to be witty and unique, but is not even remotely perverted or a pariah (I am a real human being, just like you). Using various writing styles on this blog to communicate thoughts and feelings concerning my life experiences, fashion sense, and the world at large (and maybe impressing my high school creative writing teacher who deservedly gave me middling grades).

2 thoughts on “A nice, comfy winter coat

  1. We are ending a hot summer on east coast Australia (Sydney) where one extreme day a fortnight ago, western Sydney experienced 47 degrees Celsius.
    So for your sake I hope the groundhog was wrong this year.
    Your winter wardrobe is lovely. Very cute and presentable.
    So pleased to hear how adventurous you are becoming as you continue to get out more and more.And dressed like that it is obvious why you would want to venture out and about.


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