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A poem: “Milkshake”

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Time again to catch up on the “June Jour” prompts of one of my WordPress peeps, The Finicky Cynic.  Earlier this month, she sent out this prompt asking her readers to write a “creative piece” (her term) incorporating this word:  Milkshake.

Immediately after seeing that prompt, my mind wandered to a certain dance song from the early 2000s about a woman euphemistically attracting a lot of guys by shaking her groove thing, or so I interpreted it at the time.  After that thought lasted about two seconds in my brain, (okay… it lasted much, much longer than that), I thought about the literal milkshake… which, I admit, I’ve never been keen about.  I’m more of a straight-up ice cream person myself, especially in a nice, big waffle cone; yeah, it’s yummy, although it does do a number on one’s figure.

(Side note:  I don’t mind anyone preferring milkshakes over ice cream; in fact, there’s a great ice cream place here in Madison that also makes a pretty mean milkshake, or so they promote.  But that’s a subject for another post.)

After pushing that literal meaning of milkshake to the side, I reread F.C.’s prompt and noticed her citing her own inspiration for the prompt:  A motion picture called Before Sunrise.  Now, I’ve never seen the entirety of Before Sunrise (I saw only the very tail end of it on HBO several years ago), nor have I seen any of two subsequent sequels, Before Sunset or Before Midnight.  Sadly, I must admit, the only story of Jesse and Céline I’ve seen front to back is a filmed short from a few years ago at this link in which they, uh, interact with the audience for a minute and ten seconds.

(Oh, memo to self:  Dagnabbit, Allison, get out of the house a lot more!  Go see a movie for once, even if it has nothing but cars or buildings or planets blowing up.  And don’t talk or use your phone during the movie, okay?)

But turning back to Before Sunrise and F.C.’s inspiration:  Doing some further research, I came across this scene from the movie in which Jesse and Céline are walking down the Donaukanal in Vienna when they’re stopped by a poet who offers to write them a poem.

Well, while I look much cuter (or at least not as strung out), I’ll never be as good of a poet as that guy is.  I mean, wow, he can write some pretty good prose at the drop of a hat.  But being cute and not being a great wordsmith hasn’t stopped me before.  And with that, I’ll try writing a poem with the word “milkshake” in it.

Like the poet in the above clip, my mind isn’t so much on a milkshake.  (Damn right it isn’t.  Oh, sorry.)  Rather, my mind is more on summer.  This week, the summer solstice occurs, when here in the Northern Hemisphere the sun is at its highest and we get to enjoy the greatest amount of sunlight we’ll enjoy on any day in the calendar year.  And the bright sunlight and the warm temperatures that come with it is the perfect time to enjoy a milkshake — or at least something similar in my case — with an old or new acquaintance.


Let’s sit on this hillside
You, with your milkshake
And I with my ice cream cone
(Mint chocolate chip)
And enjoy this wonderful time
Time spent together

We’ll watch the world go by
And watch the sun fly by
Without a care in the world
Just you with your milkshake
And I with my ice cream cone
(Mint chocolate chip)
Just sitting and conversing
The two of us, together

What should we talk about, you ask?
Well, we have some differences
Sure, you have a milkshake
And I have an ice cream cone
(Mint chocolate chip)
But we’re like blue and red
Or even and odd
Or night and day

But that’s okay
For we have all day
And all the daylight in the world
Literally, all the daylight in the world
To sit and talk
And not so much bridge differences
As to enlighten each other
And get to know each other
And feel good about each other

Oh, look at that
Daytime is becoming evening
But nightfall won’t be here for a while
Meaning we can still sit on this hillside
You, enjoying another milkshake
And I, enjoying another ice cream cone
(Mint chocolate chip)
[Yeah, folks, you’ve probably guessed my favorite flavor by now]
As we enjoy this lovely summer day
That’s become a lovely summer evening

Yes, the day will become night
But that’s okay
We could get up tomorrow morning
And enjoy the early sunrise together
Enjoying more than milkshakes and ice cream
But enjoying time together
And enjoying each other
By knowing more about each other
Which will lead to more bright days
And later brighter falls, winters, and springs
That will lead into another summer
An even brighter summer
Spent together

Come to think of it…
Maybe I’ll have a milkshake
If you’d like to have an ice cream cone.
Mint chocolate chip, perhaps?

Author: Allison M.

A part of the trans community ("cross-dresser" is the term that applies to me) who finds themselves much more expressive and somewhat more confident when presenting in a feminine persona. An admirer and supporter of those who are fashionable, fabulous, and friendly (LGBT or otherwise). Someone who tries to be witty and unique, but is not even remotely perverted or a pariah (I am a real human being, just like you). Using various writing styles on this blog to communicate thoughts and feelings concerning my life experiences, fashion sense, and the world at large (and maybe impressing my high school creative writing teacher who deservedly gave me middling grades).

One thought on “A poem: “Milkshake”

  1. Your poem is too sweet (pun intended)! I didn’t actually think about that “Milkshake” song until you brought it up, but now it is stuck in my head! Very nice that you saw the “Before Sunrise” clip for context. Thanks for doing the challenge; hope to read more soon!

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