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Random (post-holiday) thoughts (1/2/2017 edition)

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Well, the holidays are now over with.  As usual, I dismantled my tree and stowed away the decorations late New Year’s Day afternoon and evening.  And as usual, a little bit of melancholy started to settle into my mind.  The joyous feel that the festive decorations generated is in the past.  There’s that bare spot where the tree used to be.  And I’m left wondering what might await me and everyone else in the new year.  This is especially true with He Who Must Not Be Named about to become our “fearless” (re: egotistical) new leader.

But that melancholy feeling came with a bit of a shock.  Well, sort of.  Yeah, I had a weird time getting used to no longer seeing the decorations.  But I was shocked by how quickly that feeling dissipated.  I’m not sure if it was because I didn’t really get into that holiday spirit this year.  I wonder if part of that was due to the collective darkness we’ve all been feeling since Election Night in November.  I mean, it’s difficult to be all holly and jolly when the next 12 months (and more) may very well be scary.

I think that darkness influenced what I usually (or didn’t this time around) feel when I see that very last week of dates on the very last page of the calendar.  You see that Sunday in that last row days and wonder to yourself, “Wow, where did this year go?”  I didn’t have that feeling at the end of 2016.  I did see that last row of dates and instead thought to myself less “where did this year go” and more, “What are we gonna suffer through in January?  And February?  And beyond?”

At least I did get into a little bit of holiday spirit on New Year’s Eve.  No, I didn’t party out 2016 and party in 2017 (I’m one to sleep in a new year).  Rather, I drove up to my sister’s house for our gift-giving get-together.  As I mentioned here, I spent my Christmas Day here in Madison, since our little sister’s two daughters spent the holiday with their dad.  Luckily, we were all together on Saturday afternoon.  I won’t get into details about who gifted what to whom.  I will say, though, that I got a nice quilt from my mom (she’s back on a bit of a crafting kick); it’s beautiful and will certainly help me keep this winter.  I also gave my nieces a couple of books from the Rad Women series.  I hadn’t heard them until I listened to Kate Schatz discuss them on the radio somewhere.  Schatz is writer of Rad Women, which are illustrated books surmising stories of important women in both historical and contemporary times.  Since the books are geared toward young girls and teenagers, I figured they would be perfect for my nieces, who hopefully can look up to these inspiring female role models.

Oh, and my stepfather?  Well, as I mentioned here, I’ve always thought of Dad as one who wouldn’t shy away from bringing up any political or social tall tale.  I overestimated him, for Dad (or nobody else for that matter) brought up any politics during the day.  As I’ve said, the last thing anyone needs is for politics to ruin a family holiday get together.  Thankfully, we kept in check any beliefs (or fears) about things we couldn’t control.

So, here’s hoping your holiday season was a pleasant one.  Here’s hoping, too, that your 2017 is one of pleasant hope and less of concern and fear.  Happy New Year, everyone.


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