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Comfy sweater and leggings

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So, did you catch that video I posted to YouTube earlier this month?  You know, the one I shared here in which I showed off my Christmas tree?  Well, if you did watch that video, you probably recognize this outfit:

Cotton top and comfy leggings

I chose this outfit since (A) these items are brand new additions to my closet and (B) they were perfect for the nice, cute, casual vibe I wanted to project in my video, i.e. an outfit that would be perfect to trim a tree in.

Let me tell you about it:  The sweater is something I spotted back in October at Windsor at West Towne Mall.  When you look at it, it’s a rather understated style, with its 55% cotton and 45% acrylic fabric and off-white color.  I’m sitting down in this picture, which means you can’t see how it may seem oversized.  Actually, this is a medium size sweater, which gives me a nice, comfortable fit.  It’s not as oversized (and gaping) as a large size would be, nor is it as snug and constricting as a small size sweater can be.

Another thing I unfortunately cannot show you since I’m sitting down is the pattern in back.  There are strips of the cotton fabric that crisscross in back, going from the top of the neck about one-third the way down the back.  I’m sorry, too, that I can’t seem to find this sweater on Windsor’s website, so I can’t point out the back of this sweater that way.  Trust me, though, that the openings created by the crisscross makes for a unique, eye-catching feel.

(Side note:  The same day I bought this sweater at Windsor, I also snatched up an absolutely sleek faux leather midi dress.  Just like this sweater, the dress fits perfectly!  One of these days, I’ll get dolled up again, slip on this dress, and snap a few more pics.  That’s how awesome this dress looks.)

Comfy sweater and leggings

As for the leggings, I found them at that outstanding source of clothing styles… Walgreens!  It’s true, one of the Walgreens locations near my house had a rack full of these leggings, situated right between the winter gloves and the Halloween section (that’s true, too).  They were very reasonably priced (under $10), had quite an attractive color (cranberry), and made of a comfortable polyester fabric.  So, yeah, I snatched them up and bought them.  These leggings pair quite nicely with the sweater, and as I noted above, it creates a comfortable look that’s perfect for a casual day just trimming (or showing off) a Christmas tree at home.

Oh, and the hair is brand new, too.  It’s a blonde feather shag style, and I love how it curls and feathers past my chin down to my neck and lays out nicely on my shoulders.  Here’s a better closeup view.

Feathery blonde hair selfie

You can check out these and my other outfits on my Flickr stream here.  Thanks for checking ’em out. 🙂


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