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A poem: “Every Hundred Feet”

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As I’ve noted before on here, I’m a sucker for a profound quote or two.  One such quote came up on my desk calendar last week, and it came from the late Chilean novelist Roberto Bolaño, and this site indicates it came from his posthumously-released novel, 2666.  The quote was simply this:

“Every hundred feet, the world changes.”

A lot of power in those six words, huh?  As the quote site I linked to above suggests, it does have connotations of travel as well as change.  I think the quote also suggests differences great and small. It’s that thought of differences, along with things that can be unrevealed, that inspired my latest attempt at poetry.  I hope you like it.

“Every Hundred Feet”

Every hundred feet, the sun is at a different angle
Every hundred feet, it sets in a different way
Every hundred feet, the weather can change
Cold and rainy at once, but later a tranquil day

Every hundred feet, your street is different
A small house, apartment, or even a park
Walk a hundred feet down your street
And you’ll find it’s a living work of art

Every hundred feet, there are people
People old or young, just like you and me
Living the lives they want
And being all they can be

Every hundred feet, there could be an artist
Perhaps a businessman or a housewife
Every hundred feet, there could be a bouncing baby
Or someone in the winter their life

Every hundred feet, someone has no worries
They could be living a carefree life
Every hundred feet, there’s also someone
Withstanding a lot of pain and strife

Every hundred feet, someone has a secret
And they’re wondering if it’s hard to bear
Perhaps they’ll travel another hundred feet
To find someone to which they can share

Every hundred feet, someone’s in love
Every hundred feet, someone’s paying their bills
Every hundred feet, someone’s all dressed up
Every hundred feet, someone is pondering their will

There are so many people in the world
With stories to tell and secrets to keep
Will you take the time to stop and wonder about
The people you meet every hundred feet?


Author: Allison M.

Full-time middle-aged male. Long-time overworked office drone. Part-time female fashion plate. Amateur fashionista (emphasis on "amateur"). Admirer and supporter of those who are fashionable, fabulous, and friendly. A little bit silly. Absolutely nowhere near perverted. I am a real human being, just like you. Able to share thoughts about my life experiences, fashion sense, and the world at large despite middling grades in high school creative writing class (but at least I do look cute when I'm writing, so that has to count for something).

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