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The Real Neat Blog Award

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You know, it’s easy for me to get my mind sidetracked.  If it’s not dealing with work, it’s tending to family matters.  If it’s accomplishing errands, it’s just having quiet time to myself.  And if it’s not exercising (“Ha ha!  Good one Allison”), it’s cleaning house (“Ha ha!  Really good one Allison”).  So, when it comes with writing this blog, if it’s not writing what’s on my mind, it’s being challenged to write something.  Oh, sure, I’ve met some challenges, both those I’ve imposed on myself as well as those by someone else.  But I have forgotten one or two.  Including this one:

This is the logo for “The Real Neat Blog Award,” which I was challenged to do many months ago(!) by one of my WordPress peeps, F.C., who accomplished the challenge herself.  How do I still remember this?  F.C. challenged me to do this through a comment on the “About Me” page of my blog.

So, I’m supposed to do a few things with this “Award,” including inserting the above picture, thanking who challenged me to do this (thank you, F.C.), challenge someone else to do this (um, uh…), and answer seven questions.  So, here goes:

  1.  What is the last book you read?  Uh, let’s see… Uh, what year is this?  Since my nose is always in a phone or a computer or the TV, I don’t get around to reading very much.  However, there is one book I did buy, started, and (here’s where my face blushes with embarrassment) haven’t finished yet is Play to Win! Choosing Growth Over Fear in Work and Life, which, as the title suggests, is a guide book written by a pair of corporate speakers and consultants that encourages self-analysis and motivation when it comes to successes in personal and professional life.  I came across this book in the old lounge at my place of employment, paged through it a little bit, and was moved by its positive tone and encouraging words (they don’t shot or bully you into self-motivation).  I was so impressed that I bought a copy of my own on  As I said, I haven’t gotten around to finishing the book, but I still have it and will finish it start all over one of these days.
  2. When’s your birthday?  I actually already mentioned this in at least one post:  August 3, 1969.  Yeah, I’m old young at heart.
  3. A place you’ve always wanted to visit?  This is another subject I’ve blogged about:  Toronto, Canada.  Different yet not unfamiliar; urban and cosmopolitan, yet a city with so many things to do and experiences to take in.
  4. Where was the wackiest place you’ve made a life-changing decision in?  I don’t have a real answer for this.  I’ve generally been conservative when it comes to making potentially life-altering decisions, so any major changes have been made in the solitude of home, either in my youth or adulthood.
  5. Take your pick: A 2AM party with friends, or a 2AM date with coffee and Netflix?  What?  Why isn’t sleeping in bed an option here?  Well, this is an either/or situation, and since I don’t venture out to parties very much if at all, the date with coffee and Netflix will have to do… that is, if I did drink coffee and had a Netflix subscription.
  6. What’s the one thing you’ve tried plenty of times but have always failed at?  If I have to freely admit to something I tried and failed at, it would be gaining the willpower to stop eating too much chocolate.  Let’s just say my supervisor at work is quite the chocolate enabler.
  7. Your favorite outfit?  Well, that’s a real toughie.  I closet is so full of stuff that it’s hard to choose one favorite.  But if I had to choose one and post an image of it (another requirement in this challenge), it would have to be this purple blouse with ruffled fringes down the front, along with this PVC front panel pencil skirt.  It’s a very stylish outfit, as demonstrated by this photo from 2013:

Standing in purple blouse and PVC skirt

Now, time for me to nominate some others to… uh, what?  I answered the wrong questions?  The ones F.C. were challenged on?  Oh, crap.  All that blood and sweat put into those 7 questions and I answered the ones I wasn’t asked.  Whoops!  Well, being the trooper I am, let’s see what I was asked:

  1. What is (or what was) your major in college?  Well, I went to technical school, where my major, if you want to call it that, was in professional information processing.  Or as the rest of the human race calls it, typing and data entry.  Yeah, I’m an overworked office drone.
  2. Any languages you can speak?  I must admit I’m an anglophone, meaning I speak only English.  But if I had the time and gumption to learn a second language, French would have to be it; it’s a very pretty language.
  3. Current favorite song?  I don’t have a particular current favorite song.  And if you were to find me at work, I’d be switching from one station to another to find something interesting, old or new.  Oh, by the way, traditional terrestrial radio isn’t a good source for new songs; it’s all consultant controlled and they tend to play the old stuff a lot and let the new music die on the vine (at least that’s the way I see it).
  4. What would your ideal date be?  My ideal date would be a simple dinner or meeting at a club, where it would be more of a “getting to you know” conversation.  But if the person I’m dating wanted to take it to the next level… well, I’d strongly want to take things slow, but then again, one never knows when a true spark wold start.
  5. What would your dream job be?  I’ve been an overworked office drone too long to even think of another job, let alone a dream one.  However, if it would be assured that I’d stay busy with a lot of work for 40 hours a week and get paid for it, it would be a job that would involve doing good things for those in the community that usually go without (I’ll let your mind imagine what that could entail).
  6. Who or what inspires you?  Oh, a real, real toughie.  I did previously blog about someone I look up to.  But is looking up to someone the same as being inspired by them?  Well… maybe.  “S” does inspire me to make a good effort in my duties at work, and she does inspire me to think positively about my professional life.  So, I guess she could be considered an inspiring person for me.  As for what may inspire me, it could be the belief that I’m doing some good for the community in the volunteer work I do (I won’t get too specific about my volunteerism, but it’s quite a nice resume).
  7. Do you like penguins?  I admit I don’t have a passionate fondness for penguins, but I do have to say they are pretty adorable.  Now, if my nieces can stop mistaking puffins for penguins.

Okay, that’s 14 questions answered!  *whew*  Now for the… *sigh* do I have to do the nominating?  Well, out of fear of challenging someone to this and having them wondering, “What the heck is this?!” I’ll leave this open-ended:  If you’re reading this and if you’d like to answer these challenge questions, by all means go ahead.  If you’d rather pass on this but know of someone who’d be up to a writing challenge such as this, feel free to nominate them.  Whichever the case, don’t forget to ping back to this post and include the above flower image when you do.

As for the questions, I’ll leave that somewhat open-ended as well:  By all means, feel free to answer any 7 of the 14 questions I’ve answered above.  But I will throw in a few new ones below that you can take a stab at, too:

  • How has the line of work you’ve chosen (or the field of work you’re going to school for) affected how you interact with others?
  • What inspires you to help others?
  • Do you have a favorite TV show or movie you look forward to seeing?  Or if either of those are not current productions, talk about how you feel watching them again.
  • If afforded the opportunity, what would you tell your younger self?
  • If someone is antagonistic towards you and what you believe in, what would you do to ensure the pot doesn’t boil over?
  • What’s one thing in the city/town you live in that the out-of-towners don’t know about but should?
  • Do you like cold weather?

Author: Allison M.

A part of the trans community ("cross-dresser" is the term that applies to me) who finds themselves much more expressive and somewhat more confident when presenting in a feminine persona. An admirer and supporter of those who are fashionable, fabulous, and friendly (LGBT or otherwise). Someone who tries to be witty and unique, but is not even remotely perverted or a pariah (I am a real human being, just like you). Using various writing styles on this blog to communicate thoughts and feelings concerning my life experiences, fashion sense, and the world at large (and maybe impressing my high school creative writing teacher who deservedly gave me middling grades).

One thought on “The Real Neat Blog Award

  1. Real neat answers to real neat questions! 😉

    #3 I must say that Toronto is a lovely place to visit; I went when I was thirteen in February, and found it a pleasant (but cold!) experience. #6 Chocolate is my weakness, too! Especially after having chocolate in Europe, oh man…I drool just thinking about it. 😛

    #2 French is a difficult language to learn, but is very rewarding when you work for it; I do encourage you to give it a go! #7 Penguins, ftw! 😉

    Since you posed some questions, I thought that I would answer them in return!
    1. How has the line of work you’ve chosen (or the field of work you’re going to school for) affected how you interact with others? Well, I am currently working as a teacher’s assistant in France; while not my dream job, it has nevertheless been a challenge for me, especially as a naturally timid and introverted person. But I’m making the effort to open up more and talk to my colleagues, as well as communicate efficiently with my students. It’ll take time, but should be fine.

    2. What inspires you to help others? That gratifying feeling when you realized that you helped someone learn something new, and/or become a better individual. Sort of a “high,” but in a beneficial way. 🙂

    3. Do you have a favorite TV show or movie you look forward to seeing? Or if either of those are not current productions, talk about how you feel watching them again. I really want to see “The Martian,” as well as the new James Bond film “Spectre.” They are currently showing overseas, where I’m living, but it’s quite pricey to go to the movies. Not sure if I will go see them, but I really want to!

    4. If afforded the opportunity, what would you tell your younger self? Not to take things so seriously. That’s still a work in progress, but I’ve become better with reacting to peer-judgment, more so than when I was a teenager.

    5. If someone is antagonistic towards you and what you believe in, what would you do to ensure the pot doesn’t boil over? I would be honest and confront the person in a cool manner; choosing to ignoring it encourages more like-minded behavior, and after having encountered plenty of problems throughout my young life already, I say that any antagonistic behavior should not be easily brushed off.

    6. What’s one thing in the city/town you live in that the out-of-towners don’t know about but should? Since I currently live in a small town in Normandy, I’ll use that as my reference to this question: while my little town is isolated and everything, it is charming in its old-French type of way. Plus, no fast-food chains or Starbucks ANYWHERE! *gasp

    7. Do you like cold weather? I would prefer it over hot weather, especially having grown up in the Los Angeles heat most of my life. Moving to a cold place now, however, is making me reconsider whether I actually like cold weather, though…


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