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Tunic sweater & asymmetrical skirt

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Hey!  There you are!  And here I am!  With a new post about this brand new awesome outfit recently added to my closet.

Red tunic sweater w/ pleather skirt

That’s yours truly right there in a couple of pieces I bought just over a week ago at JCPenney.  I saw these Worthington separates and immediately fell in love.  I also immediately thought, oh yeah, this is the outfit for my next photo session.

I’ll highlight the top first.  It’s a long-sleeve tunic sweater in cherry cordial color (here’s a tall size version on the JCP website).  Yes, there are indeed noticeable embellishments all long the front; they’re nice, small studs that provide nice accents but don’t overwhelm the eyes.  They create a feel of glamour with the casualness.

Oh, you want more glamour?

Red tunic sweater w/ pleather skirt

This pic highlights the other significant piece, this faux-leather skirt cut asymmetrically at the bottom.  The pic at that JCP link shows the hem of the skirt meeting the knees.  For a rather short person like me (5ft 5in without heels), the skirt goes a little longer.  I think that long length makes a glamorous statement.  I also love the seams along the skirt and the support of the wide waist area.  And the suppleness of the faux leather feels so lovely.  And since it’s faux leather, it’s also easy to clean and maintain.

A drawback, and I’m not sure if it’s less of a drawback and more of my not wearing it right, is that I did tuck the sweater inside the skirt waist, but the sweater kind of bunched up around my waist area.  I imagine this sweater is meant to be worn outside a skirt or pants more than tucked inside.  Still, however, I think this is a truly awesome ensemble, one that’s perfect for a holiday get-together at home or even a simple dinner out with friends or a date.

Tunic sweater & leather skirt on footstool

Oh, and perhaps the very best part about this ensemble?  It didn’t deliver a big blow to my bank account.  Both pieces were on sale at JCP, meaning what would’ve cost me $84.00 cost me only $56.95 (tax included).  #Awesome!

You can find more photos of this great ensemble, as well as some comments on the new hair and heels I paired with them, in the 2015 album of my Flickr feed.  If you like anything you see, please don’t hesitate to comment.  Thanks!


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