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Allison’s fashion summary (10/26/2015 edition)


Time to blog about a topic I don’t think I’ve touched in a long while:  Fashion.  It’s two months before Christmas Day as I write this, meaning you have a long while to think about what you want for a present as well as thinking about gift ideas for others.  So, there shouldn’t be too much pressure when thinking about shopping for gifts.  I mean, plenty of time, right?  Absolutely no pressure at all, right?

10-24-2015 159-57pmEEEK!  Where did that come from?  *sigh*  Well, that’s just one little Christmas tree, right?  I mean, it’s not like the malls and department stores are already going hog-wild on their holiday decorations, right?

10-24-2015 201-14pmYIKES!  Okay, Boston Store and West Towne Mall, you win.  Yes, both of the above photos were snapped this past Saturday at West Towne, where at least one store (Boston Store) and the mall as a whole have already hauled out and put up some of their festive holiday decorations.  If you think October is too early to think of the holidays, get right in line behind me.  But two months isn’t going to stop at least the brick-and-mortar stores from getting you in a holiday mood.  Heck, at least one of them already has their, uh, festive clothing on sale.

You can blame JCPenney for the above three outfits (and blame me for the streaky lighting effect; I still can’t figure out the camera settings on my phone).  The green-and-gold top on the left is this Ransom Girl holiday sweater.  And, yes, the tinsel and decorations wrapped around it are part of the sweater (and they’re not some screen print either).  The black sweater with the cat in the middle (“Meowy Christmas”?) is another sweater style, this time from Love by Design.  I imagine my youngest niece would get a kick out of it (she adores her own cat).  By the way, both the Ransom Girl and Love by Design sweater lines sport multiple holiday designs in different colors, which you can examine when clicking the embedded links.

For the picture above right, I can’t seem to find that particular top on JCP’s website, and I want to think it’s part of their holiday sleepwear line, more of which you can find in this search.  As you can see, JCP has several holiday designs available, meaning you can look festive (garish?) in so many ways this holiday season.

After checking out JCPenney, I checked out Boston Store and noticed an interesting trend.  Well, maybe I shouldn’t call it a trend since I think I recall seeing this in autumns past.  Fringe leather is what I’m talking about (well, faux leather to be more precise).  And while I didn’t snap any photos while there (the below pics are from the Boston Store website), these fringe styles look rather interesting.  The skirt pictured below left, by Chelsea & Theodore, goes only knee length, but the long fringes goes all the way down to mid-calf.  It’s the fringes that make things rather revealing — and attention grabbing.  Click on this link and you’ll see it nicely paired with a printed cardigan and cowl top.  The GUESS dress pictured below right has tiered fringes from waist level down to its hem above the knees.  Add spaghetti straps and a heart-shaped neckline and you have a dress that’s perfect for a party or a night on the town.

I finish with giving credit up front to Mira and her Admirably Legal blog for spotlighting the design duo Sachin & Babi.  They are a married duo who have two design lines, the everyday Sachin & Babi and the more daring Sachin & Babi Noir.  In one of her recent posts, Mira spotlighted several S&B highlights, and I was immediately drawn to the floral patterns and use of embroidery and mesh fabrics.  One design Mira displayed that I was immediately drawn to was something similar to this Kasai Dress that’s shown below and is from the Noir line (sorry, the website says it’s sold out as of this writing).

SBNoir Kasi DressI’ll have to echo the website’s description and state that this dress just elicits romance and fantasy.  The combination of the mesh fabric and rose embellishments create an air of amour, perfect for dinner and a show with some handsome prétendant, though his eyes won’t be the only ones admiring this dress.  The rose petal details appear so intricate and mesmerizing, and the similar pattern on the accompanying gloves in this photo just add to the drama.

There are a lot of other equally amazing dresses and outfits on the Sachin & Babi website (where the above photo comes from).  Feel free to check it out, and also check out the philanthropy tab, where Sachin & Babi gives information on their charitable efforts, including giving a portion of online sales to educational support programs for needy children in their native India.  Make sure, too, to click back to Mira’s post, where you’ll learn how she was able to get her hands on a S&B skirt she was marveling over (it’s a nice little story in of itself).

Author: Allison M.

A part of the trans community (specifically a "cross-dresser") who finds themselves much more expressive and somewhat more confident when presenting in a feminine persona ("she/her/hers" are my pronouns, thank you very much). A sincere admirer and supporter of those who are fashionable, fabulous, and friendly (LGBT or otherwise). Someone who tries to be witty and unique, but is not even remotely perverted or a pariah (I am a real human being, just like you). Using this blog to express viewpoints, thoughts, and feelings about my life experiences, fashion sense, and the world at large... and maybe impressing my high school creative writing teacher (he was a prick, but I really deserved those middling grades back then).

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  1. Love that last dress. Right up my alley!


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