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[blank] is the new [blank]

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It has been a while since I went on WordPress’ Daily Post blog and selected one of their “Daily Prompts” to use for “Allison’s Not-Quite-Daily Daily Writing Challenge.”  That’s not to say I haven’t been checking it out lately.  There was one prompt sent out 3 weeks ago that piqued my interest.  The gist was this:  Go to your favorite blog (or any blog if need be); select one post; pick out the 4th and 14th words in that post, skipping over common conjunctions and identifiers (“I,” “A,” “an,” “or,” “the”); then insert those two words into this post title and write:

“______ is the new ______”

The way I interpreted those guidelines, the content of the post had to fit the title the blogger came up with.  Reading some of the responses, however, it seemed a lot of folks had a hard time with that; they came up with, say, “Plumbing is the new refrigerator” and wrote a post about anything about plumbing or refrigeration.  Since I’m one to make the post (generally) fit the title, I’m taking a a multi-pronged attempt to make something stick:  What I’ve done is go through some of the blogs I follow (not naming names), pull the 4th and 14th words from several of the posts, and turn them into phrases on which to comment.  Each pair of words listed below come from the same post.

Truth be told, I culled a lot of posts for phrases, and they generated a lot of stinkers.  I mean real stinkers. (Gee, people, can’t you think of coherent 4th and 14th words for your posts? *LOL*)  So, weeding out the chafe from the crop, here are some phrases that do seem kind of coherent.  Brace yourself, however:  I’m not sure if this is going to result in an interesting post or if it just signifies the moment my blog jumped the shark.  Anyway, here goes:

“Late is the new day”

As in “do something in the daytime”?  Yeah, it seems that there are too few hours in a day in order to get everything you want done, so sometimes you gotta buck up and spend the evening catching up on what you want to do… like, say, writing a blog post.  Of course, some things take longer than a day to get to or complete… like, say, writing a blog post. ([raises hand sheepishly] Guilty.)  In my defense, there are some things that really need time to germinate, so sometimes it’s good to take time and create something.  At least I make the effort to do so; as the saying goes, better late than never.

“Interesting is the new nominated”

Confession here: These are the 14th and 4th words on one blog post.  I had to reverse the order because “nominated is the new interesting” sounds as if it’s for something so self-serving.  Think of it:  Being nominated for something (say, a major award) is good and all, but you don’t get nominated unless you’ve somehow gained interest for what you’ve done to get nominated.  But what if you don’t get nominated?  Does that make you less interesting?  Of course not.  Each and every one of us does at least one little thing, good or bad, to make us interesting.  And if we don’t get any formal recognition (or a nomination) for what we do, it’s okay as long as we keep doing something.  While we’re on the subject of nominations…

“Thank is the new nominated”

Here’s another instance where I reversed the word order.  If you get nominated for something (and especially if you win that something), you have a long list of people to thank.  But even if you don’t get nominated, you still gotta show gratitude towards those that helped you get to where you are.  Am I right, people?  (Oh, since I brought it up, thank you all for reading my blog.)

“Announcement is the new something”

Back to the nomination thing?  Well, maybe not quite.  I think this phrase is sort of a recall of my “secret” post from a couple weeks ago.  Got a secret that you really want to reveal?  Well, it is something you want to share so… make a big announcement about it!  It doesn’t have to be a song-and-dance thing, but if it’s really big and meaningful (coming out, getting married, having a baby, etc.), tell someone.

“Started is the new don’t”

There’s something so self-motivating about this phrase.  “You mean you haven’t an iota of gumption to try something new?  Or to even get out of bed at the beginning of a new day?  Impress your family, friends, and even yourself by getting started.  You never know how the day will turn out at the end if you don’t get started in the morning.”

“Wear is the new tried”

As in “Well, I tried it on in the dressing room but thought it wasn’t worth wearing“?  This is like a statement of fashion confidence, really.  When you’re in that confining little dressing room cubicle and you’re looking at what you’ve tried on in the mirror, you don’t have a lot of time to think about buying that item.  Before you know it, you’ve been in that cubicle all day and the dressing room attendant is starting to wonder if you’ve set up a camping tent in there.  If it fits, and if you can afford it, sometimes you just gotta exit that cubicle and ring that thing up.  That dress may cause some heads to turn your way.  And while we’re on the subject of dressing up…

“Fun is the new dressed”

Well, since I can’t be dressed up as Allison every single second of my life, I can still settle for thinking about the fun of being dressed up.

“Myself is the new summer”

Okay, here’s where I start to strain to make some coherent comment to fit this phrase.  Summer is only 3 months of the year.  Sure the other 9 months can be cold as heck, but they still provide time for you.  So, if there’s something you couldn’t or can’t do while the sun and the mercury are high, let fall, winter, and spring be time for you.  (Yep, I’m stretching there, aren’t I?)

“Aware is the new before”

Hmmm… if you mean being aware of things before they come up and hit you by surprise, then I imagine this would make sense.

“All is the new niece”

Dagnabbit, it’s hard to be nice all the time.  While it may not be good for your psyche or pride (and it may not make a good impression on others) if you’re crabby or quiet or any other emotion, it does make you human.  Sometimes you just gotta know how to keep those negative emotions sheathed.

Well, you got 10 phrases with responses that somewhat make sense.  They’re not earth-shattering, and they may be shark-jumping, but at least they’re not the caliber of “plumbing is the new refrigeration.”  Your own earth-shattering thoughts are always welcome in the comments below.  Thanks for reading (seriously).

Author: Allison M.

A part of the trans community (specifically a "cross-dresser") who finds themselves much more expressive and somewhat more confident when presenting in a feminine persona ("she/her/hers" are my pronouns, thank you very much). A sincere admirer and supporter of those who are fashionable, fabulous, and friendly (LGBT or otherwise). Someone who tries to be witty and unique, but is not even remotely perverted or a pariah (I am a real human being, just like you). Using this blog to express viewpoints, thoughts, and feelings about my life experiences, fashion sense, and the world at large... and maybe impressing my high school creative writing teacher (he was a prick, but I really deserved those middling grades back then).

One thought on “[blank] is the new [blank]

  1. I think its fun to try to make sense of things like that. Challenge the mind to come up with something. Although I don’t know about jumping the shark though. I think if this was a TV show that might be the case, but being a blog you just didn’t get quite high enough. Ended up hitting the fin of the shark. I would advise staying out of the water for a while. The shark is mad and wants you to be a part of his dinner 😛

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