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Cowlneck sweater top (or is it sweater dress?)


I hadn’t gotten around to adding any new photos to my Flickr photo album since December, and with springtime having arrived in Madison and the winter’s snow all melted away (Yay!), I figured it was high time for me to get dolled up and in front of the camera again.  I wanted to find something new for my closet, so last month, I went to Goodwill to see what they had on their racks.  Don’t snicker when you hear the word “Goodwill,” because what you find there may be something totally awesome.  Case in point, this red-and-black cowlneck-style sweater by Candie’s.  The sweater is large size, and when checking it out at the racks, I figured it would look great on me. (Oh, and the price was only about $5 or $6.)  So, into the shopping cart and into my closet it went.

Red/black jersey sweater and leggings

The oversize feel on the sweater–especially around the cowlneck area–creates a nice, casual look.  Perhaps that was a reason I put it on and took some photos bright and early this Saturday morning.  Thinking it’s just a top (more on that later), I added a pair of black liquid leggings with it.  I actually have 2 pairs of black liquid leggings, and deciding which one to go with felt like choosing which niece I like the best: They’re all cute, but do I really have to choose one?

Adding to the casual feel of this shoot, I didn’t go too hog wild on my makeup.  Oh, sure, I put on the usual concealer and blush and lipstick, but I went with a simple, let’s-not-make-it-harder-than-it-has-to-be makeup style… which, come to think of it, feels the most flattering on me.  Additionally, I didn’t style or fluff out my hair very much, hence some pics where the strands feel kinda stringy and unkempt.  I mean, it was Saturday morning after all, when one tends to just relax and drink in the weekend, raggedy hair be dammed.

As you may notice from the pics, this is a pretty big sweater (it reaches just past my hips and goes about halfway down my thighs).  Since this was found on a Goodwill rack with other sweaters that go only past the waist, making me believe it’s just a simple top. In reality, this sweater can actually be a sweater dress, and that form is in perfect display in this photo.  So, before I took everything off, I snapped a couple of photos without the leggings.  Note that the sweater dress is shown in that link with a nice belt.  Silly old me didn’t realize until after I finished my shoot  and took it off is that this thing actually had belt loops.  Had I realized that sooner–as in when I bought the sweater–I would’ve bought a matching and flattering belt for the sweater dress.  Yes, I do have belts, but none of them would’ve fit through the loops. [smacks forehead]  The next time I wear this sweater dress (and, yes, I’m of the belief it’s more than just a top), I’ll pair it with an appropriate belt or even with one of the wide belts I have (and forgo the loops).

Even with the lack of a belt, I am still very pleased with how these photos turned out.  I really dig this sweater as either a top or a dress, and I figure you can’t go wrong either way.  Feel free to check out some of the results in the photos after the jump.  If you want to see even more photos, just click on my 2015 album.  Feel free, too, to offer your praise or constructive criticism in the comments below.  Thanks in advance. 🙂

Oversize sweater and legs

Red-and-black sweater and liquid leggings

Outside in red-and-black sweater and leggings

Sweater and leggings


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