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Allison’s fashion highlights (3/15/2015 edition)

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A design by Sarah Nasgowitz, one of the designers featured in the 2015 UW Fashion Week (as seen on Isthmus)

Gee, some amateur fashionista I’m turning out to be.  Maybe I can blame it on being busy with the drugeries of work and errands, or maybe on being too wrapped up in the current events that have shellshocked our fair city, but a fashionable week happened here in Madison this past week… and I totally forgot about it! [smacks forehead]  The occasion was UW Fashion Week, organized by the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s student-run fashion and lifestyle magazine, Moda.  The schedule of events (which can still be found here) included:

  • a meet-and-mingle event with designers, professionals, models, and couture designs (it had a masquerade theme, so maybe a CD like me would’ve fit in)
  • a swap-and-shop event, which was just how it sounded (give up clothes you don’t want anymore, find something you do want)
  • and a Friday night fashion show, featuring designs from local designers, retailers, and fashion students, complete with red carpet photo opportunities and everything

Though UW Fashion Week has now concluded, information on the events can still be found in articles here and here, as well as through Moda’s Facebook page.  That last link will probably have some photos from this year’s events pretty soon if not already (though their photos from last year look pretty good).  A quick check of #UWFW on Twitter reveals some of nice outfits from Friday’s fashion show, including this flowing dress that nicely combines lovely fabric with leather:

This backless gown looks stunning:

And this collage (source linkback here) has even more stunners (I love the leather and lace combination on the bottom row):

I wish I had the chance to check out the UW Fashion Week events (maybe next year), but it’s so good to know that local and up-and-coming designers are getting their wares displayed before a local, appreciative audience.  Today, they take Madison; tomorrow, they take New York, London, and Milan.

Watch out!  I’m going to do it!  When I mean “it,” I mean going online and snapping up this sexy little faux leather number from Charlotte Russe.  I have an admitted weakness to anything in leather or faux leather.  When I came across this on Charlotte Russe on my Google+ feed, I immediately fell in love with it.

Problem is, though, I haven’t had the chance or the gumption to buy it. [insert embarrassed face here]  However, one look at the bank account makes me realize, yeah, I can so afford it.  And why not?  This is a stunning and eye-catching dress, and as I note in my post, the fabric and neckline are stunning.  It really has “feminine fierceness” down to a T.  So, if I have the chance this week, that dress will go in my shopping cart and eventually into my closet.  I can’t wait.

One of the ever-so-fashionable people I follow on Twitter, Gabrielle, posted this on her Instragam feed this weekend:

I went in to buy underwear.

A post shared by G A B R I E L L E PEDRIANI (@looksharpsconnie) on

When I saw that photo, my mind immediately thought, “Wowzer!”  The next thing I thought was, well, don’t worry, Gabrielle:  Just as some people go to the supermarket and buy a full-course dinner when all they needed was milk, some also go to the department store and snap up a wicked pair of candy apple red platform heels when all they needed was undergarments.  If, as she implies, she did buy those shoes, she made a pretty good purchase, in my opinion.  How the heel and ball of the shoe are fused together create an air of balance for the wearer, while the heel spike, vinyl front, and lace-up front ensure an attractive–and, dare one say, sexy–appearance.  I bet you’ll really rock those heels, Gabrielle.


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